RECORD CRACK: Earl Sweatshirt’s Columbia albums to be issued on vinyl for the first time

 photo EarlS_covers_zpsvrcp6eiy.jpg
The two Earl Sweatshirt albums he released with Columbia Records distribution will be getting their vinyl issues for the first time. This includes Doris and I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt. Doris did come out on vinyl before but only as a promo item in Europe. As you can say, both have new cover art that are exclusive to the format. Both will be released during the holiday season, December 11th to be precise and are available via pre-order from Amazon:

Doris (pre-order)
I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt (pre-order)

VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator’s “Fucking Young”

It’s one thing to be a new Tyler, The Creator video, which is very cool. Then you realize it’s actually two songs in one. In addition, this project features Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick (b/k/a Toro Y Moi), and Cole Alexander? How did all this goodness happen in one place? Find out for yourself in this new clip directed by Wolf Haley. Oh yeah: various Golf Wang members are in it as well. The video was made in support of Tyler’s forthcoming album, Cherry Bomb.

FREE DL: Ayun Bassa featuring Syd The Kyd’s “Tell Me”
If you like Syd The Kyd of The Internet, you are definitely going to enjoy this new track by rapper Ayn Bassa. “Tell Me” not only features Syd helping out with her singing, but the song was produced by The Internet. If you like what Bassa is about, prepare for his forthcoming album, Hugs & Slaps.

REVIEW: MellowHype’s “Insa”

 photo MellowHype_cover_zpscc860fac.jpg Left Brain and Hodgy Beats are back again as MellowHype with what’s being called a free album because it is. Insa sounds as prime as a professionally released album, so if you’re someone who loves the MellowHype way of life, this new album will thrill you out in a mega-way. Left Brain’s productions are very much on the outside of the mainstream, which makes it sound incredible. I really love “Bars” and the droning echo that runs throughout, how it sounds as if one is in a metal room and are unable to decide if it’s a nuisance or if it is exciting. The guitar work is basic but could easily appeal to rock fans, and the song could have turned a different way too. “Dunita” sounds like something you’d expect to hear on a Christopher Cross or album on CTI Records circa 1979. The 7th song is called “7” and could be a reference to the spiritual, mathematics, or the sum of what is being equated. What makes Insa work, and what makes much of Odd Future’s output work is that they know how to create something with little to know samples and it still doesn’t sound as if something is missing. MellowHype is so full of content and value that it will become an album you’ll want to listen many times, especially to catch what Hodgy Beats is saying, just in case he may be pulling doubles on you.

(Insa is available as a free download by heading to

SOME STUFFFS: MellowHype released a free album last week

 photo MellowHype_cover_zps550e86ec.jpg
If you’re a devotee of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All empire, you already know this but if not, listen up. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain are back together again as MellowHype and they released a new album on the 4th of July called I Need Some Answers (Odd Future). My review of it is coming very soon, but this basically means you have to snatch and get this album right now, it is a must. Head to and download it pronto.

REVIEW: Earl Sweatshirt’s “Doris”

 photo EarlSweatshirt_cover_zpsefe26875.jpg Weeks before Earl Sweatshirt released Doris (Tan Cressida/Columbia), it was already being discussed, rated, critiqued and panned. When the album leaked, it made thousands of people want to hear it and continue the discussion, ratings, critiques and pans. I wanted to wait until after the first wave of reviews came in before I wanted to talk about it. Now we are here.

Doris is an album spoken from the mind of a young man who has something to say and feels a need to say it and be heard. He talks about smoking and getting high a bit, but he doesn’t celebrate it like some other rappers do. It’s just something that is there, but the core of his songs has to do with the days in the life of Earl, whether it’s getting a bit of sleazy quick loving from ladies or trying to not stay bored. With his stories, Earl will always make it sound enticing as if he’s getting away with something he’s not supposed to do, but he’ll sometimes touch on consequences or what he could/should be doing that may help him use his time a bit better. He does this in an occasional laid back style that brings back memories of the old L.A. flows, or even something close to what Andre 3000 is about, where a steady stream of consciousness seems like it could go on and on without ever getting bored from what he has to say.

Like with anything OFWGKTA does, Earl Sweatshirt is his own man that simply fits in with the freedom of him being him. Doris is another entry from a community of fellow rappers, producers, and singers that helped to form a new era of hip-hop in the same way Run-DMC did in 1984 and LL Cool J did in 1985, and that helps to make people deny a new era and frame of mind is in effect.