VIDEO: Odonis Odonis’ “Highnote”

A year ago, Odonis Odonis shared their video for the song “Better”. They’ve done quite a bit since then, including an album called Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (Buzz) released yesterday and from it, a video for the song “Highnote”, which looks like a hyperactive visual feast of trying to find something good to watch on TV and coming up with everything else. Dean Tzenos was responsible for visual direction.

As with last year around this time, they’re on tour right now:

April 16… Durham, NC (The Pinhook)
April 18… Athens, GA (World Famous)
April 19… Atlanta, GA (Mammal Gallery)
April 20… New Orleans, LA (Circle Bar)
April 21… Austin, TX (Mohawk (Inside))
April 22… Dallas, TX (Club DaDa)
April 23… Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)
April 25… Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge)

+ w/ Weaves
* w/ Hellshovel, PyPy, Tonstartssbandht
~ w/ Yamantaka Sonic Titan

SOME STUFFS: Odonis Odonis share a Cash cover and confirmed SXSW show date

As reported earlier this month, Odonis Odonis have a new album due out on April 15th called Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (Buzz) and from it comes a cover of a classic Johnny Cash tune, “Ring Of Fire”. Have a listen.

The news item also featured concerts that the Toronto band will be doing as they head to SXSW, and information for one of the SXSW showcases has been made public:
March 14… Austin, TX (Hotel Vegas) (Panache Booking SXSW Showcase)

More SXSW shows will be announced very shortly.

SOME STUFFS: Odonis Odonis “obsess” over something “Boiled” due in mid-April

 photo OdonisX2-14_old_zps63be9cfe.jpg
Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (Buzz) is a new album by Toronto’s Odonis Odonis, which is finished and ready to go but you’ll have to wait two and a half months before you get to hear it. For now, you may check out the first single from it “New Obsession”.

The album was recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia during a three week period, where they worked with Colin Stewart to make sure everything sounds right. For more effectiveness, Kathryn Calder and Kurt Dahle sat in for some of the tracks. You’ll get to hear it and everything else come April 15th.

In more immediate news, Odonis Odonis have some shows set up this month, which will gear them up for SXSW next month:
February 7… Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bazaar) *
February 14… Toronto, ON (Adelaide Hall) #
March 11-16… Austin, TX (SXSW)

* = w / Speedy Ortiz, Krill
# = w/ Marnie Stern, Weaves, DIANA

VIDEO: Weaves’ “Take A Dip”

With CMJ on their minds this week, Weaves prepared a video by heading into a church and/or temple for musical worship with their video “Take A Dip” and when I dip, you dip, we dip, including Weaves.

You may or may not see them in clothes of worship this week, but if you are in NYC, find out where they’re playing and with whom… well, below:

October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Ran Tea House (Force Field PR showcase) {8:00pm} *
October 18… New York, NY (Santos Party House (Rice + Cheese showcase) {8:00pm} #

* = w/ Joanna Gruesome, The History of Apple Pie, Celestial Shore, etc.
# = w/ Saul Williams, Odonis Odonis & HSY

VIDEO: Odonis Odonis’ “Are We Friends”

The audio and visuals in “Are We Friends” is straight out of the 1980’s, when you could harden up your sound with mechanical beats and create a video by fooling around with your cable box. Dean Tzenos, Denholm Whale and Jarod Gibson know exactly what they’re doing, and as Odonis Odonis they’re going to take those things to CMJ next week. They’ll hit the road in Canada for a small handful of shows in late November:

October 17… New York, NY (Shea Stadium) (IMPOSE + Terroreyes + The Needle Drop showcase) ~
October 18… New York, NY (Santos Party House) (Rice and Cheese showcase) ^
October 19… New York, NY (2 Havemeyer St.) (My Social List day party) *
November 29… Hamilton, ON (Baltimore House) #
November 30… London, ON (APT) #
December 1… Kitchener, ON (NEW FWEST) #

~ = w/ Billy Woods, Wreck And Reference
^ = w/ Saul Williams, HSY, Weaves
* = w/ Weekend, Hunters, HSY
# = w/ Teenanger, Soupcans

SOME STUFFS: HSY allow you to have “Tartar Mouth”

 photo HSY_old_zpsb4db2d22.jpg
The band’s self-titled debut EP will be released two weeks from out, and when I say two weeks from now, I mean literally 14 days from now, as in September 17th from now. The EP is not called From Now, it is self-titled and in their case, the they is/are HSY and that means the EP is called HSY.

Now that we have that out of the way, Buzz Records are in charge of its release and you can listen to their raw and dirty garage grit with a song called “Tartar Mouth”, which fortunately lacks a scent. It does have a sound, so you can listen to it below. For more music, head to the band’s official Bandcamp page.

The Toronto band will be doing a number of shows in Canada in a few weeks (from now), but will make a stop in Brooklyn during that time. The road adventures will end with HSY appearing at the Hailfax Pop Explosion festival.

September 18… London, ON (APK)
September 19… Hamilton, ON (Homegrown Hamilton) *
September 20… Toronto, ON (Toronto Release Show (Whitehouse))
September 21… Brooklyn, NY (DBA) ^”
September 28… Montreal, QC (Club Lambi) ^
October 22… Quebec City, QC (Le Cercle) *
October 23… Sackville, NB (Struts Gallery) *
October 24… Sackville, NB (Pickles Deli) *
October 25… Halifax, NS (The Bus Stop Theatre) {Halifax Pop Explosion} *

* w/ Doom Squad
^ w/ Odonis Odonis
” w/ ERAAS

SOME STUFFS: They’re called HSY, and that’s good enough for me

HSY. This is pronounced “hussy”, a word that may not be used as much by today’s generation but one that still has a number of different connotations. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is indeed used today and people are being bossy (or is that bsy) about it. In this case, HSY are from Toronto and like to punk things up with a bit of sludge to show how musically dirty they are. They were able to obtain director Chris Chami to shoot a video for “Milk Chug”, a song that will appear on the band’s forthcoming Buzz Records‘ self-titled EP, The video is lo-fi and almost looks as if it was sourced from bad convenience store surveillance footage, but it somehow matches. HSY will be released on September 17th.

To hear more, they have a small number of releases available for listening and purchasing purposes on their Bandcamp page.

If you’re in New York City next month, you can catch them at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on September 21st, playing with Odonis Odonis and Eraas.

VIDEO: Weaves’ “Motorcycle”

Jason Harvey is the man responsible for this very cool animated video by Weaves, who made this video specifically to promote as their latest single. Vocalist Jasmyn Burke and guitarist/bassist Morgan Waters are the core of the combo and along with drummist Spencer Cole and organator Bram Gielen, they made this song together for you to hear, and now see. (In a live setting, bass duties are handled by Zach Bines.)

If you are in or near Montreal at the end of September, they’ll be playing at Club Lambi for the Buzz Records/NeXT Showcase. Odonis Odonis, HSY, Comanechi, and PyPy are also scheduled to perform there.

VIDEO: Odonis Odonis’ “Better”

Some of the imagery may scare you out of a deep sleep, or maybe it will make you dance. With luck, it will lead to the latter but do not blame me if it leads to both. I speak of Odonis Odonis, and this video is the title track of their brand new self-titled EP, released today.

The group have a number of shows lined up for the next nine days, adventure out and have fun:

April 16… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) *
April 17… New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) *
April 18… Washington, DC (Rock & Roll Hotel) *
April 19… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter)
April 20… Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506) *
April 22… Atlanta, GA (529) *
April 23… Birmingham, AB (Bottletree) *
April 24… New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks) *
April 25… Austin, TX, (Austin Psych Fest @ Mohawk’s) ~ *

* w/ METZ
~ w/ A Place To Bury Strangers

AUDIO: Odonis Odonis’ “Intelligence”

Odonis Odonis photo OdonisX2_old_zps297452ef.jpg
If you ever wanted something better from Odonis Odonis, now you can, as Better is the name of their forthcoming Buzz Records album. How clever is that? Well, their song “Intelligence” might offer a few hints, or maybe that’s just how they do things.

Odonis Odonis will be doing more than mere things, they will be going on tour beginning this weekend:
March 30… Hamilton, ON – Homegrown Hamilton)
April 3… Toronto, ON (Drake Underground) (Rituals EP release party)
April 4… Guelph, ON (Kazoo! Fest)
April 11… Burlington, VT (Monkey House) *
April 12… New Haven, CT (Cafe Nine) *
April 13… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) #
April 15… Boston, MA (Brighton Music Hall) *
April 16… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) *
April 17… New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) *
April 18… Washington, DC (Rock & Roll Hotelv *
April 19… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter)
April 20… Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506) *
April 22… Atlanta, GA (529) *
April 23… Birmingham, AB (Bottletree) *
April 24… New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks) *
April 25… Austin, TX (Austin Psych Fest @ Mohawk’s) ~ *

* w/ METZ
~ w/ A Place to Bury Strangers
# w/ Skaters