FREE MP3 DL: Biggs featuring King Harris’ “Vegas Lights”

Producer Oh No has a new track for you to check out, as he recently worked with rapper Biggs. “Vegal Lights” is a perfect juicer to get down to, and it also features King Harris helping out. Stream it, then download it if you want to take it with you, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: MED releases outtakes from 2011 album produced by Madlib

 photo MED_old_zps1a9fd4a0.jpg
For whatever reason, when MED worked on these songs with Madlib for an album, they were not used. MED has them in his possession and he decided to release them for all to hear. These are the songs you’ll hear below:
1) Open Your Eyes
2) Sleeper Bag (featuring Oh-No)
3) Privacy (featuring Steve Arrington)
4) Mirror Talk (featuring Pok)
5) Hold U (featuring Aloe Blacc)
6) Thee Amazing (featuring Mellow D)
7) Same Shit

You have MED doing his best, and with Madlib… you all know how I feel about Madlib. If you love the Classic album, this is what you weren’t able to hear until now.

FREE MP3 DL: Axel F. featuring Oh No’s “All Day”

 photo AxelF_cover_zps70d9f9da.jpg
Last week, Axel F. offered a performance video of “Sofa Coins“. This week, J. Rocc and MED get into a not-heated exchange with Oh No for something called “All Day”, which is something they like to play. Yeah yeah!

AUDIO: Quelle Chris’ “Super Fuck”

 photo QuelleChris_cover_zps77080aae.jpg
Quelle Chris did most of the things in this song: he’s the producer, he wrote it, and he is the artist. Someone who is that confident about his own works and how to execute it is okay by me, and from his forthcoming album Ghost At The Finish Line (Mello Music Group) is a little ditty he calls “Super Fuck”. It’s just one of the things you’ll find on this project. Other things involve humans, with names like The Alchemist, House Shoes, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Fuzz Scoota. The accumulation of these things will be heard on October 29th.

VIDEO: Oh No’s “Disrupted Ads”

When an artist only creates a half-video for one of their songs, I think “what is this?” When a song is this good, then perhaps half videos can be tolerated, or at least I can say that you should tolerate this new one from Oh No called “Disrupted Ads”, which also highlights MidaZ The Beast’s verse.

VIDEO: Oh No’s “Boom”

Get some random found footage and slap it together over a great groove and what do you get? In this case, it’s the new video to highliught Oh No’s “Boom”, taken from his Disrupted Ads album.

REVIEW: Czarface’s “Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esoteric =”

 photo Czarface_cover_zps037c7392.jpg Wonder Twin powers, activate. Form of some fly shit!

Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric have been creating great hip-hop music for decades and for the first time, they are bringing

their talents togeter as one force. Their unit name is Czarface, and their debut album as a group is easily one of the hot gems of the moment. Personally, Inspectah Deck is up there for me with Method Man, Ghostface, and The Genius as monarchs of the Wu-Tang Clan, and while his solo work was released on a major label, I feel it was released a bit too late in the game. However, that mess-up allowed him to be admired by underground hip-hop heads. 7L & Esoteric are some of Boston’s best, and who thought Esoteric would be doing a full album with the INS? Who dreamed 7L would be on the boards to produce a full album with him? The equation leads to the solution, and what a solution it is.

Musically, this is an incredibly funky album, utilizing the best in jazz, soul, funk, and rock to create a vibe that almost sounds claustrophobic but within that is the sound of freedom. With the comic book-style album cover, one can listen to it as if one is going through the pages of their favorite story, waiting for their heroes to save the way. If you wish to turn these heroes into the saviors of hip-hop, feel free. Inspectah’s rhymes still have the kind of flow and charm that makes him great, and then to have Esoteric as his right hand man just shows that with patience, you can find a way to save the world through words and music. As for that music, it definitely has a 90’s feel to it, back when musical cues offered a chance to not only cite influences, but help become part of the story within the song. You get a chance that everything fits for a reason, and like a family reunion, you’ll find a reason (for things) to belong. You’ll hear samples that may be familiar but haven’t been overused, or samples that will make you go “there’s no MP3 for that on any blog.” Good.

Add to that the special guests: Oh No, Action Bronson, Vinnie Paz, the amazing Roc Marciano, the superfresh Cappadonna and the doper-than-dope Ghostface, and it will make older listeners feel like the era between 1993-1997 kept on going. In truth, it never died, it just went into hiding. Now it’s time for it to rise once more to attack the naysayers.

REVIEW: Oh No’s “Ohnomite”

Photobucket For some people, when they listen to the tracks on the 21-track album Ohnomite (Five Day Weekend/Brick), they might want to call it this type of hip-hop or that type of hip-hop, balancing on the thin line between opinions of the greatest and the elitist. I’ll tell you what I think: this is hip-hop. Period.

Being “of the hip-hop spirit” runs in the family, and when you hear this, you’ll understand. Ohnomite may be celebrated for a few things: the amount of different MC’s and producer collaborators that help out Oh No on this, although the one thing that is constant is his own production, for he is in control of this entire album. His rhymes go anywhere and everywhere, crazy and abstract when it can be but distinct and direct when it matters, everything carefully written/choreographed like a surprise football play.

Musically, this shows the strength, power, and influence of underground hip-hop, which for me has always been major and at times better than what is pushed as mainstream music, thus the spirit Oh No has. This is why Frank Nitt (of Frank-N-Dank), MF DOOM, Phife, The Alchemist, Chino XL, Med ,Guilty Simpson, Sticky Fingaz, Phil The Agony, Rapper Big Pooh, and Erick Sermon among others are all on here: there’s a vibe here that is unspoken but is heard in each of these tracks: go for what you know, go for broke, and don’t give a fuck.

Being the younger brother of Madlib, being spontaneous and making music that sounds like a trippy collage of anything and everything (i.e. random scatterbrain funkiness) seems to be part of the family DNA. Yet you enter Ohnomite not to follow a distinct storyline or concept, but being confident in the mission about to take place and putting face in Oh No, knowing that you will be in one piece at its conclusion. Once again, this is not a specific type or style of hip-hop. For me, this is hip-hop. You’re welcome.

REVIEW: Gangrene’s “Odditorium” (EP)

Photobucket When Gangrene get going, they go in strong. A few months after the release of an album, they have released a 4-song EP called Odditorium (Decon) that just adds to the power that is the Vodka & Ayahuasca album. The samples are not as freaky as they want their personas to be known, the drama and freakiness is in the imagery but the best thing about these songs is how the imagery can be manipulated into whatever the mind wants, and wherever the mind takes itself. Tempos and themes change, samples move in and out and mixes with natural sound, becoming utterly trippy mind movies with references to feces, smells, and who knows what else. This is that grown-up hip-hop stuff with the kind of tricks only capable magicians can do, and I hope the magic continues. Everyone needs to step up to Gangrene’s level.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Mochilla: 10 Year Anniversary Part 2 (The Studio Sessions)

The Sounds of VTech / Mochilla 10 Part 2   

The good people of Mochilla have uploaded another segment of their 10 Year Anniversary mix, and there’s a lot of goodies on this one. Here’s the track listing:

1. King Ruly & Toy Selectah! – Bumpin Time! (Sistema Local Mexmix Version)- Keepintime
2. DJ Shadow – Roy’s Theme – Keepintime
3. Clutchy Hopkins – Thanks Mochilla – Timeless
4. King Britt – The Radcliff Remix – Timeless
5. Nobody – Song For Sophia – You Can Know Her – Keepintime
6. Suite for Ma Dukes – Morning Order – Timeless
7. Quantic – Cumbia de Mochilla – Mochilla
8. J.Rocc – Dirty Fingered B-Boy Edit – Keepintime
9. Arthur Verocai – Karina – Timeless
10. Te’Amir – Yekermo Sew Remix – Timeless
11. Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew – Timeless
12. Black Spade – Fall in Love Remix – Timeless
13. Suite for MaDukes EP – Fall in Love – Timeless
14. DJ Nuts – From SP On My 303 – Keepintime
15. Suite for Ma Dukes – Angel – Timeless
16. Jackson Conti – Sunset at Sujinho – Brasilintime
17. Suite for MaDukes – Antiquity – Timeless
18. Oh No – A Remix in 3 Parts – Keepintime
19. Jackson Conti – Papaya – Brasilintime
20. Suite for Ma Dukes – Stakes Is High – Timeless