REVIEW: Olivia Foschi’s “Perennial Dreamer”

Olivia Foschi photo OliviaFoschi_cover_zpsb4b2d43c.jpg Jazz vocalist Olivia Foschi has the kind of vocal style that could be considered the equivalent to Michael Franks, that kind of boppy and schnazzy talking and walking style that will bring you to the locales of each song. Perennial Dreamer is an album that shows how graceful Foschi’s voice is in the music she calls her own. I found her originals to be quite good, especially “Bridge”, “Daydream”, and “I Adore You” but her approach in other people’s work is made more powerful when taken under her control. My favorite on this is “Disillusionment”, which can be a bit Coltrane-esque but still manages to shine with Foschi’s own trademark qualities. She may consider herself a Perennial Dreamer (or maybe this is music meant for the dreamers of the world) but she’s very much vibrant in these performances.