VIDEO: OptiMystic featuring Onyx & JR’s “Madd Rush”

OptiMystic has a new cut called “Madd Rush” and this one brings him together with Onyx (as in the group) and JR (as in the man). The song is from his new album, “Day Of The Guiding Light/Followed By The Shadow. As for the video, it was shot in OptiMystic’s home country of Australia so yes, hip-hop continues to be more worldwide than Pitbull.

AUDIO: Fredro Starr featuring MakemPay’s “Holdin’ It Down”

 photo FredroStarr_cover_zps21fd8885.jpg
Fans of Onyx are sure to love this new track by Fredro Starr that was produced by The Audible Doctor. It’s called “Holdin’ It Down”, and with MakemPay holding things down in his territory, this is a song that’s ready made for the summer months and wishing the heat would never leave.

VIDEO: Sonny Seeza’s “Doc Help”

You may not know him as well as Fredro Starr or Sticky Fingaz, but Sonny Seeza was a member of Onyx. Since 2009 he has wanted to be known for doing his own thing as well, and with a new album coming out soon, he’s offering up “Doc Help” as a means of assistance.