VIDEO: Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine”

17 years ago, actor JohnnY Depp and singer Gibby Haynes were in a short-lived band on Capitol Records who called themselves P. One letter nothing more. I don’t think Depp could have ever dreamed that he would be appeared in a music video by someone who could have been considered his label-mate. Of course, Paul McCartney is much more than just a simple “label mate”, but you know how music association is.

Here, Depp and actress Natalie Portman are there to take part in a video McCartney himself directed called “My Valentine”, and it’s beautiful, abstract, and sensual.

Want to make it more interesting? There are two more versions of the video, one with just Portman:

the other with just Depp:

For those of you with an ear for guitarists, that is indeed Eric Clapton playing in the song.