SOME STUFFS: BURNTmd’s “The Green Invasion” finally sees the light

Since January, I’ve been giving you small slices as hints of what was to come on BURNTmd’s album, The Green Invasion. Six months later, that album is now a reality. If you head to a store or an online merchant that stocks quality hip-hop, you’ll see the cover above. If you download the mixtape version, you’ll see the cover below.

The mixtape has 27 tracks, while the retail/stock version has 25, and there are a few differences between the two. If you love your albums in a mixtape fashion, head to the link below and DL it for free. Want to hear things as a properly formatted album? Opt for the retail version, which you may purchase below via Amazon.

FREE MP3 DL: BURNTmd featuring Snoop Dogg, Paceone & Mr. Green’s “Lock Me Up (Remix)”

 photo BurntMDtgi_cover_zps3db107e7.jpg
Let’s get this started, for you have a track here by BURNTmd, and you’d like to think that that is perfection right there. But but but but WAIT IT GETS BETTER! Add in Snoop Dogg, Paceone, and Mr. Green into the equation. What you now have is a remix of “Lock Me Up”. You may need a big jug of ice water or ice tea to cool yourself down after that one. *Phew*.

BTW: the song will appear on the new retail version of The Green Invasion, due out next Tuesday.