SOME STUFFS: Pacewon is doing his “Thing” with new single
The song is called “Do My Thing” and doing his thing is Pacewon, and the vibe… well, you can say it’s a classic sound but it’s hard to claim it is classic when this song is fresh and new. Try it out for yourself, fit it on and see how it suits you. It may end up being your “classic” in the years to come.

VIDEO: Pacewon & Mr. Green featuring Snoop Dogg & Burnt MD’s “Lock Me Up”

Personally, I like it when you hear surface noise on a record and the snap, crackle, and pop loops. It’s comforting like a warm fire, and also what’s comforting is this new track, which you can spark up like a fire for a freshly rolled joint. It’s Pacewon & Mr. Green, who decided to animated themselves along with Snoop Dogg and Burnt MD for an evening drive to and through the neighborhood. Rip open the match cover and roll up a crutch for this. From the new Raw Poetix album, The Only Number That Matters Is Won.