VIDEO: Pam Steebler’s “Mind Reader”

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Pam Steebler places herself in a recording studio to let everyrone know how a recording session can work, and she does so as a means to promote her new song “Mind Reader”, from her EP Give In. She balances between a delicate side with a bit of grit, and for me that’s what makes it work, the ability to sing to not move on either side too strongly but knowing how to be sure those two sides are still heard.

AUDIO: Pam Steebler’s “Mind Reader”

 photo PamSteebler_old_zpsa64b1948.jpg
Give In! is what pop/soul singer Pam Steebler is hoping you will do upon hearing her music, but giving in is not a half-way attempt to give up. Instead, it’s a way to become a fan and stay there and with luck, you’ll do this after listening to “Mind Reader”. Give In! is the title of her forthcoming Ep and you’ll be able to hear more when it’s released later this winter.