SOME STUFFS: Join Lost Lineage on their voyage to seek the truth

James Klynn and Passion have been doing some nice music in recent months, but they have finally settled on a name that may be what they’re trying to protect and hold true, as well as to try seek and find what has been lost over time. Their name is Lost Lineaage, and this is their brand new single called “Come With Me”, which may be what they could be saying to each other, but also to you, the fan, as a way to say “come join us to seek and find what has been lost”. What is the lineage that they speak of? The possibilities have yet to be explained, but will be when they released Electric Forest, due out in a few weeks.

FREE DOWNLOADS: James Klynn & Spudd Brown/Freedom Hall

James Klynn has two new projects to share with everyone. Both feature Spudd Brown, with the James/Brown project being one of those laid back songs with a bit of inspirational motivation, while Freedom Hall brings them together with C Miner and Passion and will be appealing for fans of true soul music.

You can listen and stream, or download them for free (as 320kbps MP3’s or lossless files) with the players below, or click to this link via Bandcamp at Freedom Hall.