AUDIO: Dillon & Paten Locke’s “Loopin'”

 photo DillonPatenL_cover_zps0384a1fb.jpg
Serving things up on a small plate are Dillon and Paten Locke, who collaborate once again towards a full project to be released in 2014 on Fullplate. For the time being, get your utensils and try the delicacy of what they call “Loopin'”.

AUDIO: Dillon Maurer & Paten Locke’s “Previously”

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These guys have a full plate ahead of them, and the reason for this is because Dillon and Paten Locke will be releasing an album together very soon. From the album will be “Previously”, which could touch on what happened before or maybe it will tell you what you need to know later, but best to just stick with the now and live for today.

VIDEO: Has-Lo’s “Inherit The Stars (Paten Locke Remix)”

The moment you press play to this, you may go “holy shit, what the fuck is this? You hear the sample and you know this is “that good deep this”. Then you watch the video and your mind will go “oh asd”[p[saddqjw9wej-w[jdj3[-q-238-qsd-j”, which is how your mind comprehends the animation. You then watch it again, and your mental gibberish becomes clear: this is damn good. This is Has-Lo, a song remixed by Paten Locke, and it’s on Mello Music Group. BOOM, that’s all you need to know right there, press play on this thing.