VIDEO: Open Mike Eagle & Paul White’s “Dang Is Invincible”

Animation is strong in “Dang Is Invincible” and what does it meant to say dang to a music video? Do they mean dang in itself is invincible or “dang (comma) is invincible?” and wouldn’t that statement leave people hanging? Anyway, here it is. Hella Personal Film Festival is the album this is taken from.

VIDEO: Paul White’s “Running On A Rainy Day”

Good music comes ones again from R&S Records, this time with Paul White who came out with the Shaker Notes album. From it is the very pleasant track called “Running On A Rainy Day”, which you can listen to without getting wet or too cold. You can get the album below from Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Paul White announces the release of “Shaker Notes”

 photo PaulWhite_old_zps4e741d75.jpg
Shaker Notes is the title Paul White has selected for his next album, to be released on the 30th of September through R&S Records, his first for the label. He is allowing everyone to check out a burst of sound from it, in what he is calling “Honey Cats”. The song may sound drastically different from what people know White for, but for those who have listened to him from outside of the barriers, you’ll understand what he is achieving with this next phase.

AUDIO: Paul White’s “Every Land”

 photo PaulWhiteEL_cover_zpsbe0de33d.jpg
Paul White looks towards 2014 for more music, more living, and more of everything. He will no doubt be traveling to many places and perhaps this will be his theme song, something he calls “Every Land”. This could easily become the gateway towards massive hits for White, if people decide to work with him (and they should). Head to his official Facebook page for inquiries.

VIDEO: Paul White featuring Trim’s “Get Your Head Round This”

If you have Paul White’s Watch The Ants EP on One-Handed Music, you already know how good it is. Now here’s a bit more of the goodness as he was able to get a video made for “Get Your Head Round This” featuring upcoming rapper Trim.

If you have yet to hear the EP yet, do so now below through Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Paul White to perform a set on Boiler Room on Monday

Paul White photo PaulWhiteBoiler_cover_zps231fc74b.jpg
Paul White will be doing a special live performance tomorrow and while the show is private, anyone and everyone can have access to and watch the live stream. The show is coming from The Boiler Room in London, and it will also feature performances from The Room Below, Eric Biddines, D├ębruit and Trim. It will be live at 7pm GMT (8pm CET, 2pm EST, 11am PST, 8am HST) and will go on for about four hours. You may access the stream by heading to BoilerRoom.TV.

VIDEO: Paul White’s “Minus”

The man has been very busy. Last week, Paul White presented a new animated video for a song from his Watch The Ants EP, now he is offering yet another animated feast, this one for the song “Minus”. Whatever you choose to take away from this, make sure it is with good intentions.

VIDEO: Paul White’s “Seagull Conscience”

Have you ever been to an ocean shore and wondered “I wonder if a seagull has a conscience.” Paul White wondered this and decided to create a song about his possible thoughts, and now that song has been replicated in visual form with a video for “Seagull Conscience”. It is something worth discussing, and I hope to be able to provide a forum for it. The song is from his current recording for purchase, Watch The Ants.