REVIEW: Kristofer Klarke’s self-titled album

Kristofer Klarke photo Kristofer_cover_zps00wtxxpl.jpg Creed Chameleon and Grip H. are together once again as Kristofer Klarke and together, while this may be an 8-song album (RisingSons), this is not a quick-and-easy effort. What makes this work is while brief, it features some witty stories throughout and it’s a chance to know each of them better than before.

A part of me almost hears this the same way I heard the debut album by Lateef & Lyrics Born as Latryx. They both have different styles, flows, and storylines and yet work as if they are of one mind, knowing and understanding that when they are together, there’s a sense of chemistry that works beautifully, especially in the JP-produced “All That Matters”, where they also bring in Jim Hurdle. A part of me wishes that if I had the money to shoot a music video for this, I’d due it tomorrow and you’d see it by the end of the week. Both of them are witty and clever and aren’t afraid to be funny when needed. While I’m someone who expects full length albums (or a longer album), doing a brief effort in a nice way is compact and precise without too much extra fat hanging on the side. Hopefully more people will find out about them, which will hopefully make them listen to them individually to hear what they’re capable of doing on their own. In a better world, “Life Goes” (produced by Neguin Beats) would be an autumn 2015 hit, with everyone dropping their own verses and making their own remixes because people want to be part of their musical chemistry.

FREE DL: Kristofer Rojas featuring JABAone’s “Blast”

 photo KristoferRojas_cover_zps401b7678.jpg
If you are in touch with the hip-hop scene in Honolulu and the rest of Oahu, you should be familiar with Creed Chameleon and the music he has released in the last decade. A few years ago he moved to Arizona, and in time he had chosen to say goodbye to Creed, at least the name. Today, he rhymes under his own name, Kristofer Rojas, and his music moves forward with the release of “Blast”, produced by Pauze and featuring JABAone in assistance. The song will also appear on the forthcoming RSI Got Aloha compilation to be released by RSI Records, a division of RisingSons Independent.