REVIEW: Pete Marriott’s “#REALHIPHOP”

 photo PeteMarriottRHH_cover_zps2fc972c2.jpg It is an album Pete Marriott has promised to make for years, always talking about putting together this and that, bringing different rappers and singers together but never quite making it to the point where he felt happy to put his stamp approval on it as a whole. After releasing a small handful of songs on an individual basis, the stamp of approval has made itself known and he is calling it #REALHIPHOP (The BRKLYN Collection). This is not only Marriott’s brand new album, but it is a statement of what he feels is hip-hop as it is and should be, the type of music that moved a generation and a world to become what it is today.

With contributions from Jermiside, Mr. Man, Da’ Lord Supreme, DVS Jackson Esq., #REALHIPHOP may sound like a throwback at first, especially with the opening song that sounds like someone went into the archives and pulled out an unnoticed gem. When things get kicking with “Bring It On Right”, featuring Otomatik, there’s a certain feel and vibe that is sensed, you know it’s going to feel good and you do not doubt the incoming force that is headed to the ears. You hear the bumping beats, the meditative drone of what sounds like a combination of vocals and synths, the twisted mix of beat textures that show Marriott’s music is not just about one thing or the other, it’s about everything and putting in your all and going for broke, all your effort into what’s good because the bad is not acceptable. Then there’s “Nice Redux”, which immediately reminded me of Too Poetic/Grym Reapera and Lakim Shabazz with the kind of lyrical flow that takes me back to 1989 and before, when being rhythmic was not just understanding the beat but understanding vocal tonality and how that could tell a story as well. You might hear some keyboards that may remind you of Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” but the madness being heard is all Marriott, and every layer just sounds… right.

It’s the kind of album that understands its influences and rather than pay tribute to them, you can say this is just a continuation of the feelings originally felt, where you may have heard a horn sample, a blend of vocals, or just the right combination of drums and percussion that made you go “wow, this takes me back” or “this feels like the goodness of what this life has to offer”. There is nothing like a verse, a chorus, or a passage in a song that makes you forget about the bad times, and #REALHIPHOP is very much a good time album, even when you hear metaphors about murdering fraudulent rappers with killer rhymes.

While Marriott has organized an album that is meant to capture a certain feeling, it is not about being stuck in one corner or the other. Just as certain albums are timestamps of what was going on, #REALHIPHOP comes off like a mirror to let people know what they left behind and why the music is not something you should ever forget. As Sly Stone once said, music “is not a fashion in the first place, it is a feeling”, and while a feeling or vibe is not something you can hold, it is something that is understood and must be shared, even if describing it may seem difficult at first. The album is very much a showcase of the production and musicianship Marriott has done for decades, and whether it’s driving down a gritty street at 4am or watching a family picnic on a Sunday afternoon, those things are captured because they are not only understood, but is translated as best as possible within the music heard in these thirteen songs. For those who are doubters, #REALHIPHOP is the proof you never thought would come to fruition, and the proof sounds quite nice.

VIDEO: Pete Marriott “100 Proof”

Pete Marriott has been hard at work on this project for a long time, and there have been fans asking “when is it going to drop?” That project is just around the corner and now you can catch a teaspoon of what will be served with “100 Proof”, featuring help from Killah Trakz. As you will hear, the music is beyond organized, so press play and immerse yourself in this.

FREE MP3 DL: Pete Marriott featuring Da’ Lord Supreme’s “Rap Demon (Radio Rip)”

 photo PeteMarriott_old_zpsa2c59a0e.jpg
The demonic ways of hip-hop have been widely discussed, debated, and ridiculed, but when it comes to being good as what you do, some will say that you have the ways of a devil. Pete Marriott knows about this all too well, and in his new track “Rap Demon”, he brings in Da’ Lord Supreme to create a very hot track that is sure to wake up those who haven’t experienced this vibe in a long time, or the naysayers who do not know better. It’s time to wake up some heads.

AUDIO: Pete Marriott featuring Da’ Lord Supreme’s “Rap Demon”

Pete Marriott photo PMarriottRD_cover_zpscf6c4bbb.jpg
While this song of 1989 vintage, it may very well have been recorded last week. This is Pete Marriott being joined by Da’ Lord Supreme in a song called “Rap Demon”, which may or may not appear on Marriott’s forthcoming compilation, Demos & Masters. Dig this? You’ll soon be able to dig deeper.

AUDIO: Pete Marriott & Killah Trakz’s “Plant The Flag”

Pete Marriott has released a new single called “Plant The Flag”, a title that is meant to establish establishment, or perhaps it’s re-establishing, like to reconfigure. You figure? Maybe not (or not yet), but if you like your hip-hop with an honest-to-goodness soulful touch (and not going to Spotify and going “oh, this is what my mom likes… I think”), check this remix out. It has Killah Trakz helping him out. The song will lead the way towards “The Rebirth of Mr. Soultronica“, due out in a few weeks.

AUDIO: Pete Marriott featuring Romance’s “The Kidnapping”

A new track from Pete Marriott will represent to some people “the real hip-hop”, or at least a style of hip-hop that will make you go “oh damn, I remember when it was all like this.” This is a track from an album due out on October 2nd called Demos, and he has Romance dropping lyrics throughout a song that you may wonder “damn when is this going to end?” but when it gets to its conclusion, you’ll say “that’s it? I want more”. The song itself will be formally released on July 3rd.

Now listen to the track again.

It was recorded in 1987.

“Oh damn, I remember when it was all like this.”

VIDEO: Rarities to be revealed from Pete Marriott’s demo tape archives

Producer/DJ Pete Marriott is working on a collection of music from his production vaults, which is years of music that no one has ever heard. You may have done a good share of tape trading in the 90’s, but this is stuff you only heard about or knew existed only in rumor form. All of the elements towards this box set will slowly be revealed, but take a listen to an early demo by Benz of The Dreadknotz, said to have been done with Benz was only 15.

You can hear more of these tapes as they are revealed by going to Marriott’s YouTube page. More to come.