SOME STUFFS: Grandpa Funnybook releases a new hip-hop mixtape

 photo GrandpaFunnyBook_cover_zps0f3d2df0.jpg
The reason he looks like a superstar is because he IS a superstar. I speak of Grandpa Funnybook, and he has just released a street album for friends (and sometimes frenemies) called Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix-Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 3! (Hand’Solo) and it features some of the best and upcoming forward-thinkers in not just hip-hop, but music in general, but the music is kept within a hip-hop contest. Some of the people you’ll hear include Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Beefy, More Or Less, CasUno, Adam WarRock, Mega Ran, Ghettosocks, Kabuto the Python, Fresh Kils, Dual Core, Mikal kHill, and many more.

Believe or not, the street album is narrated by Grandpa Funnybook himself, who is illustrated on the cover by comic book artist Dave Howlet. The entire presentation was mixed by Peter Project, so if you like your hip-hop to not always stay on the same avenue or region as you listen, you’re really going to like what this is about.

REVIEW: “Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix​-​Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 2: Dyadic Dynamite!”

Photobucket Grandpa Funnybook is a character from the Wordburglar mindstate, and ol’ Grandpa has released a compilation album with a wide range of MC’s called Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix​-​Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 2: Dyadic Dynamite!, an all-star sound orgy representing the more adventurous side of the boom bap.

The album features some of my favorite artists doing their thing with the type of rhyme schemes and beat/production structures I enjoy, including CasUno, El The Sensei, More Or Less, former Tri-Citian Beefy, and the ultra superfresh Jesse Dangerously. Together they create a seamless (and accurately made) mix-tape, where the songs are programmed non-stop so the listener doesn’t know when to calm down and breathe things in, or continue listening as a metaphorical endurance test. Looking at the cover, it reminds me of the power of the Mighty Heroes, and maybe the heroes on this album are the new version of that.

Some will say this is alternative hip-hop, nerdcore/nerd hop, or whatever people want to make-up to describe this. It’s hip-hop, period. If no one goes into record stores to go through categories, eliminate the tagging. However, if that is what you’re into, then Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix​-​Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 2: Dyadic Dynamite! is what you’ll be into, if you’re not already in it.