FREE MP3 DL: Phoenix’s “Armistice (Lucian Remix)”

If you’ve made Phoenix’s “Armistice” a personal favorite this year, you may also want to consider this, a remix of the song done by Lucian. If possible, call up your local radio station and request to hear the remix more than the original. That is, if radio stations still have not only request lines, but a phone. Make it happen.

SOME STUFFS: Sean Armstrong shares pages from the “Marble Cake Diaries”

 photo SeanArmstrong_cover_zps26d3ff65.jpg
He had already released two projects earlier this year and this is the third of three. Seam Armstrong released a new album this week called Marble Cake Diaries, featuring the productions of Da Beatminerz, E. Jones, Amp, Khrysis, !llmind, and more, plus guest rhymes from Tajai and pHoenix. You can stream it for your listening conveniences, then consider buying it as a means to show support. Transactions can be had via Bandcamp below.

SOME STUFFS: A-Trak is tracking the tracks on track (a/k/a summer tour and a free MP3)

Some of you may be saying to yourselves “what in the hell are you taking about, John?” I speak of A-Trak and the fact that he will be doing a lot of intercontinental shows in the next few weeks, beginning with some European gigs in the next few days. Look at this, as he gets “Fried & Furious”

July 13… Eindhoven, NL (Extrema Outdoor)
July 20… London, UK (Lovebox Festival)
July 21… Dusseldorf, DE (Party & Bullshit Open Air)
July 26… Tygh Valley, OR (WTF?! What The Festival)
July 27… Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill Block Party)
August 3… Los Angeles, CA (HARD Summer (Duck Sauce))
August 4… Los Angeles, CA (Drais)
August 9… Nelcon, BC (Shambhala Music Festival)
August 10… Las Vegas, NV (Light)
August 11… San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands)
August 15… Hasselt, BE (Pukkelpop)
August 16… Ibiza, SP (Space Ibiza)
August 17… Hamburg, DE (MS Dockville)
August 21… Corsica, FR (Via Notte)
August 23… Ibiza, SP (Space Ibiza)
August 24… Reading, UK (Reading Festival)
August 25… Leeds, UK (Leeds Festival)
August 25… Liverpool, UK (Creamfields)
August 31… New York, NY (FG Clubhouse @ Electric Zoo)

More you like? I’m going to end this post with a new A-Trak remix of Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool” but A-Trak isn’t trying to be cool, he knows he’s cool, you know what I’m sayin’ in a Flavor Flav fashion?

FREE MP3 DL: Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool (Silver Swans Remix)”

Phoenix photo PhoenixTTBC_cover_zpsa8506130.jpg
There are times when all you need is to look at the album cover or graphics that is used as a sleeve and go “oh, this is what I’m about to listen to? Maybe I’ll pass” or “oooh, I must check this remix out”. Sometimes that’s all you need, when you are satisfied with a graphic. So here’s the graphic. Below: the song.

(BTW: If you want to create your own remix of the song, you may do so through the stems available at Soundcloud.)

REVIEW: Phoenix’s “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

free image hosting This French band named Phoenix have gained a buzz recently for their brand of happy pop with a bit of substance. The new album managed to come my way so I decided to take a listen.

What does “happy pop” mean? For me, it’s means it’s good modern day pop music that is a guilty pleasure, the kind of music you think you’re not expected to like but end up doing. They call this album , without apologies, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glassnote), and it’s not just pop that is a major strength, but they also throw in a bit of rock and a pinch of smooth soul to turn out a recipe that is the equivalent of cotton candy: you know it’s not necessary, but it’s oh so good. I love how they’ll throw in the unexpected, such as the disco-flavored “Fences” where out of the blue someone will throw in some acoustic guitar and make it sound perfect. Or a song like “Girlfriend”, containing an early 80’s new wave feeling that makes you want to rock back and forth like the British used to do when MTV played 14 videos an hour.

It’s safe to say that they makes this music so people can reminisce, but there’s nothing wrong with that if you don’t do it for too long. The thing with Phoenix is that they know where they’re at but they like to look back and take out what was great from the music of yesterday. It’s bright and pretty pop, and it’s a guilty pleasure worth loving, kissing, and fondling. I’m now tingly.