VIDEO: PHZ-Sicks’ “Black Women”

PHZ-Sicks (‘physics’) has created a new video with director John Ledbetter for the song “Black Women”, taken from his latest album The Moment. For those with keen eyes, look for the copy of the Rufusized album between the 0:43-0:44 marks. After this, check out The Moment album below, streaming via Bandcamp and available as a free download.

VIDEO/FREE DL: PHZ-Sicks’ “Coming Down”

The video has been made, it is too late now like a Cornelius Brothers statement. I speak of PHZ-Sicks out of the VA (that’s Virginia, for those of you who do not know your U.S. state abbreviations) and with an album due out soon called The Moment, he is doing what it takes to let people know about his work and that he has new pieces of his work for hearing and enjoying. “Coming Down” is one of those songs, and it’s not a way to say that if you listen to his music, you will come down with an illness. It’s something else. You may download the track as well via Bandcamp.

FREE DL: PHZ-Sicks featuringScolla & Alison Carney’s “The Love Scene III (Single Version)”

 photo PHZ-Sicks_cover_zps33a70935.jpg
PHZ-Sicks (“physics”) is back with a new cut here called “The Love Scene III” and as it unfolds, also know that Alison Carney and Scolla are also in the song, making sure everyone gets to the finish line in one piece. Click the Soundcloud player and it will take you to a Bandcamp page so you can download it in the digital format of your choice.

FREE DL: PHZ-Sicks featuring TFOX’s “Coming Down” (single)

 photo PHZSicksCD_cover_zps9435743f.jpg
Coming up from rapper PHZ-Sicks (“physics”) is a new single called “Coming Down”, available now as a free download and the “Name Your Price” option, so if you enjoy the vocal or instrumental mix (or both), make a donation. The Virginia MC has been creating the follow-up album to 2011’s The Laws Of PHZ-Sicks, and it will be unleashed to the world before the end of the year in the form of The Moment. Until that Moment happens, have a listen to this.

VIDEO: PHZ-Sicks featuring Scolla’s “Success/Failure”

You get a rapper from Virginia like PHZ-Sicks, and then unite him with another rapper, this time from Detroit by the name of Young Scolla. What you might get is a contradiction in style and flows. What you might get is a mash-up. What you might get is imbalance. In this case, what you get is “Success/Failure”, a song that they did together for PHZ-Sicks’ own album The Law of PHZ-Sicks. Which means it’s “harmony”. If you like what you hear and want to hear more, you can download the album for free via Bandcamp, or show some support and buy the CD to get hard copy, and you’ll also have the CD autographed by PHZ-Sicks himself.