AUDIO: Allen Poe’s “Dream Woke”

A little over a month ago, Allen Poe released a video for a song to appear on his forthcoming album. That album is now just around the corner for release on October 16th, and is called How Gardens Grow. Today, he offers a new song from it called “Dream Woke”, produced by PJ Katz. With the samples now available, you can now remember to get the album when makes it available.

FREE MP3 DL: J57 featuring Denmark Vessey & Tenacity’s “DETLANY”

 photo J57D_cover_zpsc53856c5.jpg
J57 is about a week away from being ready to release a free EP called Wax Aesthetic and… okay, he could probably release it right now but he wants to create a bit of momentum, make his fans wait in anticipation for what will no doubt be a very good set of new music from him. The song is called “DETLANY”, written out completely in capital letters as it represents the cities of Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York. PJ Katz produced this and brought in Tenacity and Denmark Vessey to compliment an already fine and mighty cut.

VIDEO: PJ Katz featuring Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Gorilla Tao’s “Marshall Applewhite”

“Marshall Applewhite” is a new track by PJ Katz from his forthcoming album due out on October 16th called 92 Renault Music (Pig Food). For this one, he gets Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and Gorilla Tao to assist as they become some new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, complete with chako sticks/nunchuks (nunchaku) and pizza by the slice. Slice and dice!

(Foodies: if you would like to go to the spot where PJ Katz and friends are eating, check out Madison Pizza in Albany, New York.)