FREE DL: Apollo Brown featuring Westside Gunn & Planet Asia’s “Triple Beams”

Something new from Apollo Brown is just around the corner and it’s called Grandeur (Mello Music Group) but everyone involved is making sure you hear something from it so you can go “oh damn, I must have this in my something or other”, so here’s a song for whatever something or other you have. It’s called “Triple Beams” and you want something else in triplicate? Along with Apollo, the song also features Planet Asia and Westside Gunn. Grandeur can be pre-ordered below via Bandcamp.

REVIEW: MidaZ The Beast’s “AU: Another Universe”

 photo MidaZ_cover_zpse820a255.jpg Doozy.

That’s one word to use to describe MidaZ The Beast’s AU: Another Universe (HiPNOTT), and it’s because after a few years of dropping verses, making cameos and whatnot here and there, we’re getting a chance to hear what MidaZ is truly about and as for him being The Beast, if the name fits, use it. He has the kind of style that fits in with mid to late 90’s hip-hop, the laid back dude who is secure about what he rhymes and how he does it (along the lines of Common), along with that old school rah rah spirit that might bring to mind M.O.P. It’s nice to hear someone who is also confident enough to give people something different with every other songs, too many people are afraid to rap in a different style, as if it’s a shock tactic or something to be heard in a manner other than the initial manner. “Icing On The Cake” sounds nothing like “Mind Control”, which sounds nothing like the track he does with Ms. Mylodic, “Self Actualization”, and on and on and on. The listener initially gets familiar with what MidaZ is all about, but then that goes away when it’s realize he’s about more than one thing. One of the best tracks here is “Seeing Is Believing”, which features Sabac red and the great Blueprint, and the union between the three is just right, no complaints here.

By the end, it’s obvious MidaZ is about a lot of different things, which to me means someone who is willing to offer and share variety, just as he most likely has different interests. He might turn his music inside out with his next efforts, but one can’t say “I was shocked he did that, that one was a huge surprise”. Be open to the possibilities, and perhaps MidaZ has the golden touch that will make many of those possibilities turn into more jewels/joys of/in music. The album is called AU: Another Universe, Au also stands for the element of gold, his name is MidaZ. Understand this.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Reflections (Translucent Mix)”

 photo GensuPlanetR_cover_zpse5330f14.jpg
Abrasions (Mello Music Group) is an album that has been making fans of both Gensu Dean and Planet Asia quite happy. If you haven’t heard it yet, haven’t been motivated yet, or were kinda iffy on the situation, un-if yourself. You’re now able to check out the Translucent Mix of “Reflections” not only to stream and listen, but to download.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Bar Mitzvah”

Getting to a bar mitzvah? You might see Gensu Dean and Planet Asia rocking it out in the music area, if this video is any indication. Celebrate the goodness ahead of everyone else by doing it where you are right now. The song is taken from their Abrasions album on Mello Music Group, out right now. RIGHT NOW.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Faces On The Dollar”

Corner store, car wash, and public park vibes are what make up this new visual abrasion by Gensu Dean and Planet Asia. The song is taken from their great Abrasions album on Mello Music Group, and if you missed out on that, maybe this video will be a helpful way to let you know “see and hear what you’re missing?” The video was nicely directed by Jake Handegard.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Bar Mitzvah”

Another blast from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia comes in the form of “Bar Mitzvah”, taken from their newly released (as in today) album Abrasions (Mello Music Group). It’s free, no excuses here.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia featuring Shawn Pen’s “Chuck Berry”

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia photo GDPASP_CB-cover_zpsb276434d.jpg
Gensu Dean: check.
Planet Asian: fresh.
Shawn Pen: Oh!

The trio have gathered together for a track simply called “Chuck Berry”, but the question is… why did they call this “Chuch Berry”? Does it pay homage to his duck walk? His ding-a-ling? Or being a pioneer and architect of rock’n’roll? You have to listen and decide for yourself.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Faces On The Dollar”

Gensu Dean/Planet Asia
Abrasions (Mello Music Group) is the forthcoming album from producer Gensu Dean and MC Planet Asia, and as a hint of what’s on it, they have released “Faces On The Dollar” as a free track. Stream and listen, or download it, free of charge. The album will be released on February 26th.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson featuring Planet Asia’s “Nasty”

Another track from Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson is being made available for free courtesy of Mello Music Group, this one is called “Nasty” and it features Planet Asia. How nasty is it? You have a choice: choose the sword or choose the ball. Or a third option: stream and listen. A fourth option has just been made available: download it for free in the format of your choice. Choose wisely.

Got it? Precisely.

VIDEO: Planet Asia’s “Whirlwind Patterns”

Planet Asia responds to the bully movement by shooting a video for the track “Whirlwind Patterns”, a song from his Black Belt Theatre album, released two weeks ago. Fight the good fight.