FREE MP3 DL: Ash Reiter’s “Night Moves”

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While covering songs from Bob Seger’s Brand New Morning, Back In ’72, or Seven would be preferable, Ash Reiter went down the obvious route and covered a song most people know. She has handled “Night Moves”, and I think she has done quite a good job. The song means something to Reiter, and it may bring that spirit of first musical experiences. Reiter and friends are joined by Matt Adams and DA Humphrey of The Blank Tapes.

PODCAST: Alec Baldwin interviews Herb Alpert for “Here’s The Thing”

This is a new podcast to my ears, but the faces you see were familiar. One is actor Alec Baldwin, and he has been doing a podcast for WNYC Radio called Here’s The Thing, where he brings on guests from different fields of entertainment and has a one-on-one interview in a way that is trademark Alec Baldwin. For this week’s episode, he interviewed legendary musician and record industry mogul, Herb Alpert, the “A” in A&M Records. The podcast has Alpert talking about his love of music with many histories to discuss, how he stopped playing his treasured trumpet and how he was able to get back into it again.

You can stream and listen by clicking the player below. To download the episode, you may click here or subscribe via iTunes.{var s=function(){__flash__removeCallback=function(i,n){if(i)i[n]=null;};window.setTimeout(s,10);};s();})();

PODCAST OF INTEREST: Nick Tann’s “Is This Thing On?

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Nick Tann is a podcaster who says he “plays the best music you never heard all the way from the UK”. Not only is he a fan, but an artist as well, so he gets to share an appreciation for the music he enjoys and supports. It’s called Is This Thing On, and you can listen to the latest edition by clicking the player below, or go through the archives by clicking here.