SOME STUFFS: Pony Time say it’s time for tour

Pony Time photo PonyTime_old_zps5gdsq4wx.jpg
Seattle duo Pony Time want to head out on the road for the next few weeks and they’ll start at home beginning on the 24th of April at Chop Suey before they roam the nation and make their way to the east coast before heading back and ending their tour in Portland on May 25th at Bunk Bear. Here are the coordinates:

April 24… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
April 28… Spokane, WA (Baby Bar)
April 29… Boise, ID (The Olympic)
April 30… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
May 1… Denver, CO (Lion’s Lair)
May 3… Sioux Falls, SD (Total Drag Records)
May 4… Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews)
May 5… Minneapolis, MN (House)
May 6… Chicago, IL (Gman Tavern)
May 7… Detroit, MI (UFO Factory)
May 8… Pittsburgh, PA (Spirit Lodge)
May 10… Providence, RI (Aurora)
May 11… Brooklyn, NY (Alphaville)
May 12… Philadelphia, PA (Everybody Hits)
May 14… Winston-Salem, NC (Reanimator Records)
May 15… Johnson City, TN (TBA)
May 16… Jacksonville, FL (Burro Bar)
May 17… Tallahassee, FL (TBA)
May 18… New Orleans, LA (Siberia)
May 19… Austin, TX (Hotel Vegas)
May 20… El Paso, TX (Monarch)
May 21… Tucson, AZ (TBA)
May 22… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
May 23… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock)
May 24… Arcata, CA (Richard’s Goat)
May 25… Portland, OR (Bunk Bar)

VIDEO: Pony Time’s “I Like Your Shoes”

Rumours 2: The Rumors Are True is the latest album from Seattle swagger rockers Pony Time and… hey, you ever stood somewhere like, oh, the post office or in line at the market, looked down at someone’s feet and said “hey, I like your shoes?” I can relate and now you have a song you can play as your theme. The video was nicely done by director Marcy Stone-Francois. The album is available through Bandcamp.

COVERED: Fleetwood Mac vs. Pony Time

COVERED: Fleetwood Mac vs. Pony Time photo COVERED_FMPT_zpstgmajdwl.jpg
38 years ago, Warner Bros. Records and Fleetwood Mac released an album called Rumours and it became one of the biggest albums of the 1970’s which still receives massive airplay. Pretty much every song is treated as if it was a single, despite the fact only four of the album’s eleven songs were released as singles (or eight if you want to throw in the B-sides). We know the songs from every angle, they are played continuously on the radio. Today, a band from Seattle pays a slight homage to Mick, John, Stevie, Christine, and Lindsey with their new album so let’s focus on them.

 photo PonyTIme_old_zpss33sqhxi.jpg
They’re called Pony Time and their album being released today is called Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True. Have a look at the cover.

Pony Time photo PonyTime_cover_zps0plpmc6r.jpg
Luke Beetham and Stacy Peck make up Pony Time, playing a rock sound that is intimate and powerful. On top of that, the opening track, “Time Tells Me”, opens with a drum break, perfect for sampling, looping, and chopping while “Really Nice Guys” shows a grit that is trademark Seattle, with the punk rock power that may bring to mind the guitar work heard in songs by Mudhoney, The U-Men, or Sinister Six. It may have a slight classic feel but if you’re someone who cares if something is timely in order to meet someones journalistic standards, then you’ll appreciate what Pony Time have done here. The album is available through Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: Pony Time’s “Go Find Your Own”

The title track to Pony Time’s new EP (my review of which can be read by clicking here) has been turned into a very decent video, one that is under two minutes. You may ask “what will I learn from this featurette?” I will answer by saying “find out for yourself”.

REVIEW: Pony Time’s “Go Find Your Own”

Pony Time photo PonyTime_cover_zps19969b80.jpg If the evil entity known as grunge had mutated into something else, I say it would lie in the hands of the Seattle duo Pony Time.

With an album a few seconds over the length limit of an EP, Go Find Your Own definitely has the sound of music played by two people, in this case Stacy Peck and Luke Beetham. Beethham’s vocals resides on the thin line between swagger and flamboyant, and the rock is so raw and rugged, someone might think it was ripped off from The Stooges. It is not, but it definitely has the mean punch of pop with aggressive pop power, as if each song was ready made for the charts if more people in the world were rockers. None of the songs go over three minutes, so it seems this group has an agenda to get into their songs and leave without dwelling in its sensitivity or irritability. Don’t expect a lot of carefully crafted metaphors either, a song like “First Thing In the Morning, You and Me (Hard and Heavy)” states what it has to say: wake up, clean your room, get out of the house, go somewhere, and hope you return back home by the evening. Maybe go to the store and buy some food, because you’re out of cereal or snacks. That’s it. Next song is on its way.

I like what they do because it’s just there, out in the world and in your face, loud and fucked up. That’s very Seattle, but it’s also some damn good music made by two people who simply want to play and sing until their set list reaches the bottom. Rock on.

VIDEO: Pony Time’s “Geordie”

Pony Time – Geordie (Official Video) from Per Se Records on Vimeo.

A few days ago I posted some Pony Time audio and tour dates, as they have a new album coming out very soon. Well by golly, the group followed that up with a brand new music video, directed, editor, and shot by Emily Denton.

WARNING: Video contains imagery of beer consumption, shaving, and eating what appears to be steak. That’s Seattle for you.

SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Pony Time share song from forthcoming album

Pony Town
They are from Seattle. One of the members in this duo is wearing a Cheap Trick T-shirt. This duo call themselves Pony Time, and they will be sharing their nasty garage rock sound with an album called Go Find Your Own (Per Se). February 19th is when it will be released, but you don’t have to wait another month to hear music from it, as they’re putting it up as a free download. You can do that now or simply stream it.

Pony Time are Luke Beetham on bass, “baritone guitar” and vocals, and former Iowa resident Stacy Peck, the drummist. They will be heading to this year’s SXSW, and on their way will be doing some shows to rock out America. This is where they are scheduled to appear:
February 22… Seattle, WA (The Black Lodge) {Album Release Show}
March 6… Portland, OR (East End)
March 7… Eureka, CA (The Shanty)
March 8… San Francisco, CA (Hemlock Tavern)
March 9… Reno, NV (Holland Project)
March 10… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
March 11… San Diego, CA (The Shakedown)
March 12… Phoenix, AZ (Select.Stateside Presents)
March 13… TX (TBA)
March 14… Austin, TX (SXSW)
March 15… Austin, TX (SXSW)
March 16… Austin, TX (SXSW)
March 19… Wichita, KS (Rock Island Live)
March 19… Denver, CO (Mouth House)
March 20… Salt Lake City, UT(@ TBA)
March 21… Boise, ID (Treefort Music Festival)
March 22… Portland, OR (The Know)