FREE MP3 DL: The Howl’s “Sputter”

It was Kiss who came out with a song 40 years ago called “Strutter”. In 2014, The Howl come out with something rocking but much more punk rock in nature with a pop sheen. This is called “Sputter”, which has absolutely nothing to do with “Strutter” but if you’ve read this far, it’s of your best interest that you have a listen and hear what it’s about.

VIDEO: Typesetter’s “Summer Storms”

Raunchy and gritty yet quite nice is what you could call “Summer Storms”, a new song by Typesetter that has been turned into a video. This Chicago band will be releasing their debut album on October 14th called Wild’s End (Black Numbers), and it’s sure to get its share of attention when it finds the right people. You may be part of the pack.

VIDEO: Signals Midwest’s “St. Vincent Charity”

Signals Midwest of Cleveland have released a new video today called “St. Vincent Charity”, taken from their current album Light On The Lake (Tiny Engines). The group are in Europe now on tour so if you’re in the following cities and countries, head out and rock with the gang.

September 6… Stadthagen, Germany (Tuwat e.V.)
September 7… Copenhagen, Denmark (Underwerket)
September 8… Hannover, Germany (Monster Records (acoustic))
September 9… Iserlohn, Germany (Rad Room Rehearsals)
September 10… Tilburg, Netherlands (Bomenlounge (acoustic))
September 11… Paris, France (La Mecanique Ondulatoire)
September 12… London, England (Old Blue Last)
September 13… Manchester, England (Wahlbar)
September 14… Glasgow, Scotland (13th Note)
September 15… Leeds, England (Santiago Bar)
September 16… Nottingham, England (The Chameleon Arts Cafe)
September 17… Birmingham, England (Scruffy Murphys)
September 18… Norwich, England (The Owl Sanctuary)
September 19… Lille, France (La Rumeur)
September 20… Diess, Belgium (Jeugdhuis Tijl)
September 21… Trier, Germany (Miss Marples)
September 22… Bad Neustadt/Saale, Germany (Juze)
September 23… Landshut, Germany (Jugendzentrum Poschingervilla)
September 24… Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Triebwerk)
September 25… Graz, Austria (Sub)
September 26… Micheldorf, Austria (Baraka)
September 27… St. Gallen, Switzerland (Grabenhalle)
September 28… Mainz, Germany (Haus Mainusch)

SOME STUFFS: Light Years become “Temporary” with new EP

 photo LightYears_old_zps44a63776.jpg
Animal Style Records will be releasing Temporary, the latest EP effort by Cleveland’s Light Years. Vinylly speaking, it will be released on vinyl as a 12″, released in three different color variations. Not only that, the EP is one-sided, with the B-side being screenprinted. Check out one of the record’s three songs called “Fall Apart” by clicking to You may pre-order a copy of the 12″ EP by heading here.

The group already have a tour plan scheduled for next month, so plan ahead, then head out and show love:
September 17… Virginia Beach, VA (Shaka’s) ♎
September 18… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) ♎
September 19… Long Island, NY (Amityville Music Hall) ♎
September 20… Howell, NJ (Gamechanger World) ♎
September 21… Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary) ♎
September 23… Holyoke, MA (The Waterfront Tavern) ♎
September 24… Poughkeepsie, NY (Pizza Shop) ♎
September 25… New York, NY (The Studio at Webster Hall) ♎
September 26… Ottawa, ON (Pressed) ♎
September 27… Toronto, ON (Hard Luck Bar) ♎
September 28… Buffalo, NY (Waiting Room) ♎
September 30… Cincinnati, OH (Legends) ♎
October 1… Lansing, MI (Macs Bar) ♎
October 2… Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen) ♎
October 3… Cleveland, OH (Mahall’s 20 Lanes) ♎

♎ = w/ Turnover, Malfunction

RECORD CRACK: Turnover to release new 7″ EP following 2013 debut album

 photo Turnover_PS_zps7f0bfca3.jpg
A year after this Virginia Beach, VA band released their debut album, Turnover are back this year with a new 7″. Blue Dream is a 3-song EP that will feature songs like “Bella Donna”, “Read My Mind”, and “Disintegration”. 1500 copies are being pressed on three different color variations:

* black vinyl
* baby pink/baby blue vinyl
* half magenta/half aqua blue with black splatter

Out of those, 75 copies will be pressed with a silk screen cover.

To pre-order your copy (each of which comes with download code for the songs), head to Broken Rim Records.

REVIEW: Cayetana’s “Hot Dad Calendar”/”Ella” (single)

 photo Cayetana_PS_zps5fc7a57b.jpg Cayetana are a three-piece band whose love of playing is equally as strong as their songwriting. With a title like “Hot Dad Calendar” (Tiny Engines), one might wonder what that exactly means but upon hearing them sing about wanting to make it out of a situation (or make it out of a place), you’ll get what they’re talking about. “Ella” reminds me of the kind of gritty rock/pop that Nirvana would have done in the early days to show that they’re not about the in-your-face passion of their punk, which comes close to sounding a bit like The Buzzcocks or Green Day. These songs were originally a part of their demo, but I hope these two songs are the start of so much more for them, I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.

(The 7″ can be ordered directly from Tiny Engines Records. Digitally, you may purchase the songs below via Bandcamp.)

REVIEW: Save Ends’ “Warm Hearts, Cold Hands”

 photo SaveEnds_cover_zps85946357.jpg The bullet of pop punk can be very explosive when shot from the right set of musicians and singers, and the band that does it with a fair sense of accuracy are Save Ends, whose lead vocal duties are shared by a man and woman, Christine Atturio and Brendan Cahill. Now, the issue is not the fact that this band are fronted by a female/male duo, but you often don’t hear that in a lot of bands or when you do, the higher/sweeter vocal is often done by a guy capable of reaching those notes and tones. With Warm Hearts, Cold Hands (Tiny Engines), Atturio and Cahill share the duties throughout the song, so that there may be a verse or line where each one sings on their own, then other portions when their voices will blend very nicely. Both of them could easily form their own bands when it gets to that time but it sounds as if the both of them, are having too much fun singing about life without companionship or dealing with the stress of existing. Musically, they could fit alongside the lines of Blink 182, The Buzzcocks, or Coffin Break. Save Ends have a powerful sound that probably goes over the edge in the live setting when they let loose but for now, hear their capabilities with this album.

RECORD CRACK: Split 7″ EP on its way from Casual and Crybaby

 photo CasualCrybaby_old_zps61dbfd41.jpg
New Jersey and Pennsylvania are united in song as Casual (the Jersey quartet) and Crybaby (representatives of Philadelphia) will be releasing a split 7″ record later this month, with the former offering “Poison Counter” and a cover of Crybaby’s “Ex-Quarterback Material” (a perfect song to play once the professional American football season is over), while the latter share “Casual” and a version of Casual’s “Whitey Tighty”.

 photo CasualCrybaby_PS_zpsb8b79613.jpg
The record is a part of the Wax Packs Series being released by Secret Audio Club. Each record in the series will be sold in a way not unlike baseball cards, and there will be ten different records in this series. For this release, it will be pressed in a number of ways. 730 copies will be in standard black vinyl, while 150 will be on violet, which would sound like the one to have for collectors. However, 82 (!!!) of them will be not only on black vinyl, but have “band exclusive sleeves”. 50 copies will be clear blue with a white swirl swooping through it, and this will be the one to score: 5 of them on “crazy splatter” vinyl. To listen to all four songs before you buy, click the Bandcamp player below. To hear more of Casual, click here. For more Crybaby, click there.

RECORD CRACK: Santa Rosa’s Brown Bags to release 7″ EP on Tuesday

 photo BrownBags_cover_zps83c4cd71.jpg
A 4-piece punk band out of Santa Rosa, California will be releasing a 3-song 7″ through Don’t Look Down Records. The band are called Brown Bags, and if you are reading this on Sunday (October 13th), they’ll be having a record release show tonight at Hendley Hotel (929 Hendley St.) in Santa Rosa. Shows will start sometime around 8pm, only five dollars to get in. For those who can’t make it, the record can be ordered from Bandcamp below (or this very link right here.)

SOME STUFFS: Upset try not to upset with another song from forthcoming debut

 photo Upset_old2_zpsf61d051a.jpg
Don Giovanni Records are ready for She’s Gone, the debut album by Upset that will be making out of the doors on the 29th of this month. The band are a healthy combination of guitarist Ali Koehler, drummist Patty Schemel, and Jennifer Prince on gits and vox, and hope their music and friendship will take them to new levels, surpassing what they each had done with the bands they may be known for. You may get to know them for what they are now with the title track for their album.

You’re also able to find out more about and hear them in a live setting when they do a small handful of shows on the west coast in November, where they’ll be joined by Screaming Females. That’s the band Screaming Females, not any ladies that may be in the crowd:
November 15… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) *
November 16… Portland, OR (The Know Bar) *
November 18… San Jose, CA (The Blank Club) *
November 19… Oakland, CA (1-2-3-4 Go! Records) *
November 20… San Francisco, CA (Bottom of the Hill) *
November 21… Los Angeles, CA (Echoplex) *
November 22… San Pedro, CA (Harold’s Place) *
November 23… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) *

* w/ Screaming Females

She’s Gone is available for pre-order in the digital, vinyl, and compact disc formats from Don Giovanni, or below via