AUDIO: Veronika Jokel’s “Black Magic” (EP)

Vocalist Veronika Jokel has a voice that may sound to some like a mixture of Adele and Nikka Costa, as she has the kind of richness I enjoy hearing in a singer. Her new EP is called Black Magic, which some may say has a double meaning but it depends on how you’re thinking. The EP is her second so far,

VIDEO: Pam Steebler’s “Mind Reader”

Pam Steebler photo PamSteebler_old_zpsa64b1948.jpg
Pam Steebler places herself in a recording studio to let everyrone know how a recording session can work, and she does so as a means to promote her new song “Mind Reader”, from her EP Give In. She balances between a delicate side with a bit of grit, and for me that’s what makes it work, the ability to sing to not move on either side too strongly but knowing how to be sure those two sides are still heard.

VIDEO: Teenage Wildlife’s “Come On and Shoot”

This is a smoothed out bit of soul courtesy of Teenage Wildlife, who goes by the name of John Wright without his musical costumes, but you will not see this costume in his video for “Come On And Shoot”. In fact, you’re not going to see him at all, and he’s perfectly okay with that, hoping that his music will carry him to the next phase in life. You may have the urge to dance, as the lady in the video will show you. The song is Teenage Wildlife’s new single, which will find its way onto his album The Degenerate Art Exhibition when released later this year.

VIDEO: D Wing’s “Good 4 U”

Photo by Cayla McCrae
 photo DWing_old_zps5d3a6b54.jpg
When your press release says “Have you been taking your birth control? Good for you“, you know I’ll want to listen. In this case, it’s about a pop/R&B singkle named D. Wing, who wants to share his eclectic side along with his talents, and he has done it with his song “Good 4 U”. Then the press release states the song “is so sensual it might get you pregnant“. which could prove very dangerous if this got a lot of airplay at the clubs so friends: you have been warned. See if this songs makes your genitals tingle with delight. The video was directed by Jessica Nicole Collins.

D. Wing “Good4U” from Jessica Nicole Collins on Vimeo.

AUDIO: Pam Steebler’s “Mind Reader”

 photo PamSteebler_old_zpsa64b1948.jpg
Give In! is what pop/soul singer Pam Steebler is hoping you will do upon hearing her music, but giving in is not a half-way attempt to give up. Instead, it’s a way to become a fan and stay there and with luck, you’ll do this after listening to “Mind Reader”. Give In! is the title of her forthcoming Ep and you’ll be able to hear more when it’s released later this winter.

REVIEW: Nicole Scherzinger’s “Big Fat Lie (Deluxe)”

 photo NicoleS_cover_zpsdef9cd29.jpg Nicole Scherzinger has not had much luck with success since she left the Pussycat Dolls. It’s sad that people are willing to listen to her as a Pussycat Doll more than they do under her own name, and it makes me wonder if it’s an issue of hype and promotion or if her music isn’t as good as the machine who made the Pussycat Dolls workable. I wanted to hear Big Fat Lie and see what was up.

I will say this off the head: these songs are not as strong as what they had come out with before, specifically the “Supervillan” song that came out seven years ago. The problem with that song is that it was constructed wrong, the emphasis for certain elements were placed in the wrong spots. As for her new album, what makes this not work? Not much. The songs are constructed well and what I really like is when the grooves, beats, and rhythm sections will switch up in the same song. You don’t expect it and it feels good because it’s as if it’s a real band and not something pre-programmed. I wished more people were into the changes in a song so that it could carry her to the higher end of the charts. As for her singing and voice, it continues to be sharp, but I don’t know if people are truly listening or only placing an emphasis on her looks.

If there’s anything that’s bad, it’s the type of material she performs. She deserves to have the same type of songs that someone like Jessie J has received and in fact, if Scherzinger had songs on the level of Jessie J, we might have a surprise hit on our hands. I realize that these days, artists and songs are all powered by key producers so why hasn’t someone like Diplo or Kanye West worked for her yet? Not enough of a budget? These guys not willing to work for/with her? I don’t know. What makes Big Fat Lie not work as a good album 100% is that it left me hanging, wanting more, maybe much more, and maybe that could lead to wanting too much. Sure, there is that culture aspect that I sometimes like to feel for artists who are what I am, but that’s a bit of culture pride too and I do go beyond that. She has the talent and I know she’s capable of doing some powerful songs, plus the ballads on this album show that if she kept herself doing the slow songs, she could pull in more fans. The album works for what it is but again, I’m left wondering how much longer she’ll have to do this before she decides to give up.


VIDEO: Sama Dams’ “My Ears Are Ringing”

 photo SamaDamas_old_zps65ff3847.jpg
“My Ears Are Ringing” may be something you say on a regular basis when you feel someone is talking about you, but maybe the people who are talking about you are a band from Portland named Sama Dams. The three piece group consisting of Lisa Adams, Sam “I’m not the former mayor of Portland” Adams, and Chris Hermsen and together they create bold and daring music that may sound comfortable but can be unpredictable at the same time, if you allow it to be. Have a listen to the song with the phrase within its title, “My Ears Are Ringing”, nicely animated by David O’Brien. As for the band name, Sama Dams is a nice way of mentioning lead vocalist Sam Adams without him being the one to blame, as they are a group, he’s not just the sole force. Make them your favorites now and throughout 2015.


SOME STUFFS: Sunmonks release video from new EP

In A Desert Of Plenty from Geoffrey Knecht on Vimeo.

Sunmonks are their name.

Sunmonks are the duo of Alexandra Steele and Geoffrey CK and s Alexandra Steele.

Sunmonks came out with a new EP last month called In A Desert Of Plenty (Crossbill), so they decided to head out to the desert to shoot a video for the title track to it. If you’d like to hear more, the EP is available below through Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Adrian Underhill’s “Gone For Too Long” (EP)

Pop music with a soulful touch seems to be plentiful these days and one singer that’s trying to make an impression on audiences is Adrian Underhill. His new EP, his second, is called Gone For Too Long and if you want something that will warm up these cold temperatures (or at least those of us in the northern hemisphere), you can stream the 3-song EP right now. If you’re truly feeling it, feel free to purchase it through Bandcamp below.

AUDIO: Captain Supernova’s “Imaginary Voyage”

Brand new music from Captain Supernova comes in the form of “Imaginary Voyage” but you don’t have to imagine deeply to hear it, you can press play and enjoy the smooth and soulful pop for yourself at this very moment. This is from his Visions Of The Unknown EP.