AUDIO: AlunaGeorge featuring Popcaan’s “I’m In Control (The Magician Remix)”

AlunaGeorge photo AlunaGeorge_cover_zpsineil3oa.jpg
If you need something to pump you up on the dance floro or anywhere that you feel you need a bit of movement, please check out “I’m In Control” but by all means, lose control by getting down with yourself or a significant other (or a perfect stranger, just follow your manners). The song is by AlunaGeorge and this track features Popcaan. On top of that, it’s a remix by The Magician.

VIDEO: Popcaan’s “Love Yuh Bad”

Popcaan is a Jamaican artist whose Where We Come From album should blow away anyone who hears him for the first time, and for his new single “Love Yuh Bad”, he get romantic while throwing in subtle humorous stabs on himself but without being demeaning.


VIDEO: Popcaan’s “Everything Nice”

It’s nice to hear someone from Jamaica that still sounds Jamaican, and not from elsewhere. I’m all for exploration and expanding boundaries but sometimes the feeling and sound of home is best, and that’s what Popcaan does in his song “Everything Nice”. This is in preparation for his debut album due out later this year on Mixpak and while he has the means to make it big, I hope he will do so on his terms and making the music he loves. Dancehall continues nicely in Popcaan’s hands.