SOME STUFFS: Winter tour announced for moyamoya

moyamoya photo moyamoya_pic_zpszs3knkbd.jpg
Jacksonville, Florida will be in a bit of mourning once their homeboys of moyamoya depart for a tour this winter but they will be back in a few weeks. The instrumental post-rock trio are going to venture out to the southeast US, the first time they’re making it out to that part of the country. A number of artists are also scheduled to perform that night so show up early and have a good time.

January 22… Brunswick, GA (HBGB) 💓
January 23… Charleston, SC (Tin Roof) ❦
January 24… Greenville, NC (Radio Room) 💕
January 25… Charlotte, NC (The Station) ღ
January 26… Wilmington, NC (Calico Room) ✿
January 27… Raleigh, NC (Schoolkid’s) ❀ (ALL AGES)
January 28… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s) ♻/❀
January 29… Chapel Hill, NC (Nightlight) ☺/❀
January 30… Savannah, GA (The Erasery) Ω

💓 = w/ Gov Club
❦ = w/ Colorworld, The Give & The Take
💕 = w/ People Of Mars
ღ = w/ Cuzco, For The Byrds
✿ = w/ Future Trip, whothefolklohr
❀ = w/ Band & The Beat
♻ = w/ FKB$
☺ = w/ Midnight Plus One
Ω = w/ Fez The Immigrant, Beverly Tender

SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Merso sign with Good To Die

Merso photo Merso_old_zps5xuzr6hk.jpg
There are a lot of great bands coming out of Seattle as of late and perhaps if you’re in tune with what’s going on there, you may have heard a bit about Merso, what they do and how nice they are in concert. You’ll be able to hear more from them in the new year as the group have been picked up by their hometown label Good To Die Records. They have already recorded, mixed, and amstered their debut album that will be out sometime in the new year and to party with their friends in the 206, they’re doing a show this weekend at the Sunset Tavern (5433 Ballard Ave NW) opening for a band that are now their labelmates, Gaytheist. VHS and Old Iron are also scheduled to play at the show so if you’ve been a fan of Merso for awhile, you will most likely hear some new material this Saturday.

AUDIO: Keiandra’s ‘Wanted’

 photo Keiandra_old_zpsaiutsdce.jpg
Emerging singer-songwriter Keiandra has revealed her stunning debut single Wanted. The track is the first to be taken from her debut EP Empty Palaces due for release early next year and serves as the perfect introduction to the 18-year-old’s sumptuous sound and heartfelt lyrics which are sure to earn her plenty of plaudits.

These are the words in the press release explaining what Keiandra is about but what you want to know: “is she good or not?” but that’s for you to decide. This vocalist has released her first single as a preview of her forthcoming EP and it’s quite nice for those who want their pop with a rock punch, or rock with a careful pop delicacy.

LYRIC VIDEO: The Moth Gatherer’s “Attacus Atlas”

Out this Friday is a new album from Sweden’s The Moth Gatherer called The Earth Is The Sky (Agonia) and these heavy and intense musicians of the doom and sludge variety (with a hint of post-rock thrown in for the hell of) are presenting a lyric video in support of it, check out “Attacus Atlas”. Get familiar, then wait impatiently for a new slab o’ music from them. This song runs for close to 9 1/2 so let the vibes flow through and immerse yourself in their sinisterisms.

VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “Paper Wings”

Chronicle is the latest album by Lights & Motion, which they released at the beginning of the year. Now they’re sharing a visual representation of one of its songs so if you’ve been living life nicely with “Paper Wings”, check out if it captures your mind’s eye.


FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “The Road Less Traveled”
Drew Miller is back with a new album under his Brother Saturn identity and like his previous works, this one is intense in its own way. Don’t let that be a reason to not want to listen to The Road Less Traveled, as the means to listen is free. On top of that, downloading the album is also free but please use the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

AUDIO: The Northern Hemisphere’s “A Walk In The Park”

Drew Miller is back with something new under one of my favorite nom de plumes, The Northern Hemisphere. He may have some new music just around the corner, could be under this name or a few more so as always, stay tuned but for now, have a listen to how is to take “A Walk In The Park”.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “three dead horsemen”
There are times when I see that Drew Miller has released new music, I’m more than happy but when he uses another nom de plume, I’m thinking “again?” However, when he retains one name for a number of releases, I am at least comfortable in knowing this. Sure, it’s all tags and perhaps it doesn’t matter for Miller is more than willing to create and release his music and here’s another one of his, under the name Brother Saturday. This project is called three dead horsemen and you can say each horseman is here in the form of a song. The shortest song on this album is 6 1/2 minutes while the largest is a few seconds short of 31 minues, he’s going on that BVDUB vibe. Miller/Brother Saturns continues with his great travels so get this and see where he turns to. It’s a free release but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.

SOME STUFFS: The Moth Gatherer create teaser video for new release

The Moth Gatherer photo MothGatherer_old_zpsomykvlon.jpg
The earth is The Sky is the follow up to the debut album from Swedish experimental post-rock/metal band The Moth Gatherer, and they are more than ready to unleash it to you and your mind. The album will be released by Agonia Records and they’ve created a very brief teaser that isn’t enough to enjoy deeply but it will make you anticipate what is to come.

AUDIO: A Troop Of Echoes’ “Small Fires”

Providence, Rhode Island has been a hot bed of solid bands in the last few years, and here’s another one to keep an eye out for, if you’re not already a fan. A Troop Of Echoes will be releasing a new album on May 19th called The Longest Year on Record, which is for those who love their rock on the post-rock side, whatever that means. Check out “Small Fires” and let it become something you’ll want to wait for for another two months. The group will be announcing tour dates very soon. The album can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp below.