AUDIO: Sacred Climax’s self-titled album

What does a Sacred Climax sound like, and can a climax be that sacred? By having it or creating it, is it the ultimate conquest of man or woman? If you are into harsh noise wall, power electronics or the experimental in all of its variations, you’ll want to check out this album. Digitally it’s available now but a limited edition cassette pressing will be out on March 10th, with each copy being made with sexually explicit cover art and graphics, that kind of stuff you block your wife or girlfriend from. Or perhaps she’s the one doing the searching, you know your own browser history. Nonetheless, have a sacred climax with Sacred Climax and have deafening fun.

AUDIO: Nekrasov’s “There Is No Other Way” (EP)

It may consist of only six songs but this EP by Nekrasov may be one of the most intense recordings you will hear in 2015. If you have been waiting for something to literally blow your head off of your body, you’ll want to hear this. Some of what they do is death metal but they nicely (read “nicely”) bring in power electronics, noise, and avant-garde into something that may sound confusing at first but it’s nice to wallow in the confusion and allow yourself to figure it out in time.

REVIEW: Brighter Death Now’s “With Promises Of Death”

 photo BrighterDeathNow_cover_zpse4ee4509.jpg If you’re going to name your album With Promises Of Death, it better bring to mind the kind of thoughts the title is owed, correct? Brighter Death Now is an album Roger Karmanik has made 25 years into his career as someone who takes industrial music into a darker and disturbing level, enough to where what he does has a new genre name, “power electronics”. The album sounds like someone who just finds a certain distinct sound, turn it up to 11 but then raise it up 500 percent in order to make a point. The actual point doesn’t matter, for what you’re hearing is something that is simply beyond anything you may have heard, especially when it can get unexpectedly rhythmic. The music isn’t painful, what I also liked were songs that may sound like the most distorted part of finding a radio station, coming across something at may sound like a melody but you keep trying to get there but never being able to find clarity. What I also like are the parts of this album that do not sound like music, you just take it for what it is, leave it to your interpretation/imagination and go from there.

FREE DL: Breathing Problem’s “The Keyhole”
A rough side of music can be heard in The Keyhole, a new album by Breathing Problem. Those who are in tune with power electronica, dark ambient, or industrial will find this quite good. 14 new songs on here, a cassette pressing of this is in the works but for now you can download the full album for free or utilize the “name your price” option.

SOME STUFFS: Cock E​.​S​.​P​.​, ​Ginger Cortes create a split release

 photo CockESP_cover_zps8d2f5cf4.jpg
The Forever Escaping Boredom label are ending the year in an insane fashion with a new split cassette release from Cock E.S.P. and Ginger Cortes. The full tape is about 12 minutes in length, and will be limited to 46 copies. You can stream two excerpts from the tape belp via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Whore’s Skeleton releases 2012 EP on cassette

 photo WhoresSkeleton_cover_zps1f67934b.jpg
A bit of twisted noise from Columbus, Ohio, Whore’s Skeleton have released a small number of releases in the last year, and while his latest project (Honey) came out last spring, the emphasis in this post is the cassette release of an EP he came out with last fall. It’s called A Whore by Any Other Name, which you may stream in full below, and clicking the Bandcamp player will also lead you to ordering the tape, which goes for $5 US.

SOME STUFFS: Floppy Kick caters to fans of the floppy disk format

 photo FloppyKick_discs_zps5dad38d1.jpg
This is one of the more interesting labels I’ve come across. I’m a fan of experimental and avant-garde works. Labels and artists are always trying different ways to be heard, but this one goes back to the era between the compact disc and the digital world. Floopy Kick is a label based in Hungary that releases all of its works on 3.5 inch floppy disks. The label, which started this year, is non-profit and will release floppies and only floppies. As their website indicates, “all the releases are handmade and the “income” goes straight into future releases.” They do accept demos in the “noise, experimental, drone, lo-fi, power electronics and similar styles”, but they do have a strict policy on what they will and will not accept/listen to, so read the rules. Floppy Kick are dedicated to “the beauty of sound”, and to release it on a floppy so if you’re into having your work heard, check them out. They’ve released only five titles so far, each one hand-numbered and done in obvious limited edition form, sometimes as low as 18 copies.

This is lo-fi audio at its very best but definitely check them out if you’re a lo-fi fan, or if you wish to share your music with the label.