AUDIO: Menage’s “Black And White TV”

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A new song by Portugal’s Menage has been released and this one did not make it onto their EP but perhaps should have, considering it also features Portishead member Jim Barr. This is is called “Black And White TV”. You can check out their aforementioned EP below.

VIDEO: Olde Worlde’s “Thinking About You (Japanese translation lyric video)”

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Olde Worlde is the work of multi-instrumentalist Sohhei Numata, who released a new album on September 1st called The Blue Musk-Oxen, released in the U.S. on September 8th through Groundhog Records. His latest video is not only an animated work, but it’s a Japanese translation lyric video. In other words, the lyrics are in English while the translations you’ll see are in Japanese, for his Japanese fans. Not bad for a man who said he learned his English from listening to a lot of American Forces Radio. Take to the work of Numata and Olde Worlde and see where he’ll take you next.


AUDIO: Henrietta’s “The Trick Is Not Minding”

Henrietta are a band out of Orlando, Florida who will release The Trick Is Not Minding, their latest effort on Animal Style Records. As a means to let people know about it, they’re sharing a song called “The Trick Is Not Minding”, nice and heavy at the same time while being full of power pop.

The album will be released on vinyl in four different color variations, you can pre-order one or all over here.

You may also be able to pre-order a copy at the following cities, which means yes, Henrietta are currently on the road.

August 8… Kalamazoo, MI (Fat Guy Fest)
August 9… Grand Rapids, MI (House of Pancakes)
August 10… Cleveland, OH (Mosh Eisley)
August 11… Pittsburgh, PA (Star Command)
August 12… Montclair, NJ (Bat Cave)
August 13… Philadelphia, PA (The Fire)
August 14… Alexandria, VA (The Lab)
August 15… Virginia Beach, VA (Harkeys Pizza)
August 16… Chapel Hill, NC (Chapel Hill Underground)
August 17… Charleston, SC (The Sad Shack)
August 18… Savannah, GA (The Bomb Shelter)

VIDEO: David Bronson’s “Incompetent Assassin”

David Bronson is ready to release his prequel album next week calld The Long Lost. but today you’ll get a chance to see a new video of his, for the song “Incompetent Assassin”. Parts of it looks like it was shot with old school garage surveillance cameras, but it helps give it a nice lo-fi feel. A review of The Long Lost will be on its way.

SOME STUFFS: David Bronson ready to share his prequel album in October

 photo DavidBronsonTLL_cover_zpsd3ddb473.jpg
David Bronson will be releasing The Long Lost, the follow up to his great Story album (my review of which can be read by clicking here), although this new one is said to be a prequel to that. Nonetheless, you will be able to hear them soon back to back, to piece it together and see/hear how they coordinate with one another. The new album will be released on the 14th of October, but you’re now able to listen to one of its selections, “Living In Name”, which you are allowed to download for free, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: “The Long Lost” David Bronson will find himself again on September 17th

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David Bronson is not missing, but rather it’s a way to say that his new album is complete and it will be called The Long Lost, planned for release on the 17th of September. Bronson reveals that the new album will feature 11 songs and is the second half of a 22-song, two-album collection called The Long Lost Story, which means each album is a companion to one another, meant to be listened to as such or as one cohesive piece.

Until then, a new video made for a song from the first half, his Story album (my review of which can be read by clicking here), simply called “Us”.

VIDEO: David Bronson’s “Outside”

David Bronson is animated in his new video for the song “Outside”. It is the 6th video made for his Story album (my review of which can be read by clicking here, and it’s a bit lo-fi, a bit like an outtake from USA Network’s Calliope show, but in its own way, fantastic. It was put together by Johnerick Lawson, and you may now have a look at it.

In what may be a first in music, Bronson is working on a new album that is being called a prequel to Outside, called The Long Lost. It’s being produced by Godfrey Diamond (Glen Campbell, Sparks, Lou Reed), and is scheduled for release on September 10th. Bronson plans on having a record release concert/event at the Brooklyn Bowl on September 21st, and that will most likely follow with shows in support of the new album.

FREE MP3 DL: Picture Day’s “One Of Us”

Picture Day photo PictureDay_old_zps1782c33d.jpg
Every Day Is Picture Day is the best way to describe what Picture Day have to say, and it’s okay. This St. Louis band have a lot to say, and their new EP (which I reviewed here is out and ready for the world to hear, but if you need a bit more of an egging, listen to a track from it called “One Of Us”. Brian Leigert says he and the rest of the group have a wide range of influences, and that “we reserve the right to be a product of our combined influences.” It looks like they’re off to a fantastic start.

REVIEW: High Horse’s “Samples Of Examples”

High Horse photo HighHorse_cover_zps1e15022a.jpg High Horse are a band from Tempe, Arizona who know how to combine rock and pop in a powerful manner to bring their sounds into the ears and faces of everyone, and Samples Of Examples is for fans who want their music to not be on the straight and narrow. Samples Of Examples (20 Sided) is an album with the right about of punk energy and distortion to make things stand out, although the album initially doesn’t start that way. The first few songs have them mixing things up in the way Weezer are known for, but once the album gets about a third of the way in and reaches “Satellites”, that’s when things truly start getting mean and ugly, and in a good way. By the second half, the meaty groove of their garage tendencies mixes nicely with their love of pop, or at least their love of adding pop into their heaviness (and vice versa), and it becomes clear that they bring a lot of attitude into what they play and sing about. This album may very well be Samples Of Examples but these examples of music is a nice way of welcoming their sound into your consciousness.

REVIEW: Picture Day’s “Every Day Is Picture Day” (EP)

Picture Day photo PictureDay_cover_zps0107970a.jpg If Daryl Hall were in a college rock band, his music may have very well sounded like what Picture Day present on their Every Day Is Picture Day EP.

This four piece make the kind of rock that sounds good and accessible, without it being demeaning. “Immaterial” sounds like the perfect pop hit, as if Owl City forgot to use Auto-Tune and said “let me make myself sound genuine for once”. Vocalist/guitarist Brian Wiegert has the kind of voice that will make listeners put faith in what he writes and how he says it, and the band know how to pull out fierce choruses as well, like some of Cheap Trick’s not-so-sensitive moments. Each of these songs could be big hits if put in the right hands, but what’s a hit in 2013? Picture Day may be on its way to becoming a hugely popular band if put on the path towards that status, and I feel they have much more than being status worthy.

(Every Day Is Picture Day will be released on April 16th.)