AUDIO: Creed Chameleon featuring Prie’s “The Grind”

Two of some of the best MC’s out of my homeland of the island of Oahu in Hawai’i have collaborated on another great song, this one produced by Insightful. Creed Chameleon brought in Prie for a song that touches on what they have to do in order to get to where they need to be, and it involves “The Grind”. Not the pidgin English term to “grind” as in to eat a meal, but the hustle, although as James Brown once said, if you don’t work, you can’t eat so towards the better and much more of it to come.

FREE MP3 DL: Prie “Beautiful Memories”

One of the best MC’s from Hawai’i dropped a new album before the end of the year so if you’ve been anticipating something new from Prie, here it is. This one is called Beautiful Memories, play it one by one, play it in full, play it repeatedly throughout 2015 and beyond. Then get in touch with him and work with him in your next project. Do it.

FREE MP3 DL: Prie’s “Everything”

He seems to unfollow every now and then, but I still show him incredible support for what he does. His name is Prie Falaniko although you can call him Prie. What I like about him is his style and lyrics, don’t care about who he may or may not be associated with, that is not nor has ever been an issue for me. As Jeru The Damaja once said, “bring your skills to the battle” and this guy always makes sure he comes equipped with the goods. This song here is brand new for everyone and it’s called “Everything”, which will be on his Beautiful Memories project due out later in the year. The song was produced by Chemist. Keep an eye out on this guy, get in contact with him if you’d like for him to guest on some of your tracks or discuss possible collaborations, future tour possibilities.

VIDEO: Prie’s “Young Sinatra”

From standing in front of Rainbow Drive-In in Kapahulu to having the Haleiwa/Waimea Bay church temple behind him (as shown in the screenshot above) and even across Makaloa Street in Kaka’ako from where Tower Records used to be, Prie is representing the island of Oahu by scoping it out to make sure everyone knows what he is about, and this video is also a continued representation of who he is as a rapper and writer. “Young Sinatra” welcomes the rapper into 2014 and there will no doubt be some great music and videos from him in the near future. Hawai’i is very much home for him but he’s very much about taking his sound around the world.

Prie’s “Young Sinatra” (FREE MP3 DL)

FREE MP3 DL: Prie’s “1991”

The album has been long promised and now it’s finally here. Hawai’i’s own Prie has released his street album 1991 and you can download it for free. The album also features help from Kwalified, Jim Hurdle, Lauryn Hi and Decibel Grand. Stream this in full and if you like it, download it for free. Or simply download and have a great listen.

FREE MP3 DL: Prie’s “Real $hit”

 photo Prie1991_cover_zpsa361a61d.jpg
While the year 1991 happened 22 years ago, 1991 the album is on its way from Prie, who has been teasing us but all will soon be revealed. For now, here’s another track called “Real $hit”, produced by Chemist (who is not related to Cut Chemist or The Alchemist). Do what you have to do in order to be patient in anticipation of his street album, but it’s sure to be worth the wait. Like the baby on the cover, get your pandanus hat and relax, it will soon be here.