REVIEW: “Typical Girls” compilation album

 photo TypicalGirls_cover_zpsd7mjyask.jpg Typical Girls is an excellent compilation album from Emotional Rescue that gathers 16 different punk bands from a female perspective but don’t allow that to be the only reason you’ll want to hear this. The entire album is full of incredible independent spirit by groups from around the world who aren’t afraid to go crazy, from the feedback-drenched insanity of Nots’ “Reactor” to the gutsy jingle-jangle rock of Daskinsey4’s “Optic Nervous System”. It reminds me of the kind of post-modern compilations I remember as a kid, taking a chance and discovering new bands doing new songs and discovering most of it is damn good. I say “most of it” because if there was something you weren’t too fond on, you kept on listening any way until you catch yourself singing the chorus as if it was your favorite song all along. That is Typical Girls, all playing atypical music because it matters to them and they love it. The goal is that you’ll love this too.