VIDEO: Princess Chelsea’s “We Are Strangers”

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The Great Cybernetic Depression, released earlier this year, is the latest album from Princess Chelsea but later in the year, they’re releasing a clip for one of its songs and they (song and video) are both of quality. Have a look at “We Are Strangers” and see how it opens you up. The video was put together by director Simon Ward.

REVIEW: Princess Chelsea’s “Lil’ Golden Book”

Photobucket Despite its name and its close resemblance to old children’s books of yesteryear, Lil’ Golden Book (Lil’ Chief) is not children’s music, nor is Princess Chelsea a child. Instead, she is a singer from New Zealand named Chalsea Nikkel, who mixes up pop, rock, classical, jazz, and folk touches to create a haunting and chilling tale that mixes up the child-like mystery that is parodied/honored in the artwork and booklet, but brings things to realistic modern times and experiences, including feeling weird about relationships, drinking (“Too Fast To Live”), not believing in the power of perceived power (“Ice Reign”). “Goodnight Little Robot Child” may have sounded innocent if it was written in the early 60’s, but the lyrics touch on people recharging as if we’ve become cell phones, something we’ve become reliant on, even more than we rely on each other and ourselves.

Some of Princess Chelsea’s music is created with child-like abandon, and yet its themes show who we are and have become, after abandoning our youth in the process of growing up. It’s a modern, indie-friendly take of Loggins & Messina‘s “House At Pooh Corner”, except the house has burned down, there’s nothing to return to, and we have to live the rest of our lives with all of the lessons we have instilled from “back in the days”. In the pop side, it will appeal to fans of those who like Ben Folds, Elton John, and Bjork, where having an envelope means pushing, licking, and burning it all at once. Sit down, grown boys and girls, Princess Chelsea has a few stories to share with you.