FREE MP3 DL: Supersister’s “Dona Nobis Pacem (DJ Shadow Remix)


If you know your DJ Shadow samples, you know the importance of Supersister. Now, the two meet again, at least in sound, when Shadow decided to create a remix for the song “Dona Nobis Pacem”, originally released on their 1970 debut album Present From Nancy. Perhaps one day Nancy will go on a holiday with Judy, but that will have to wait. For now, have a listen to this.

SOME STUFFS: Trevor Horn puts on producer’s hat once again for Yes

Big progressive rock news today. Legendary music producer Trevor Horn will be working with Yes for a new album, to be titled Fly From Here. It is the first studio album for Yes in ten years, while it’s the first time Horn and Yes have worked together since 1987’s Big Generator. Will this album work for fans in 2011? Perhaps.

Some useless facts. This is the third time Horn and Yes have worked together. The first time was when he and keyboardist Geoff Downes, both of them known as two-thirds of the group The Buggles, became members of Yes for their album Drama. Horn served as the band’s new vocalist (replacing Jon Anderson. The album was somewhat of a flop and they split up. Two years later, bassist Chris Squier wanted to make new music and formed Cinema. Eventually, Cinema eventually became a Yes project again, Jon Anderson rejoined the group, and Horn (being one of the “it” producers at the time) was asked to join in as producer. It was Horn who made it possible to place Yes on pop radio for good. Horn worked on a few tracks for their follow-up album four years later, Big Generator, although many felt that the album’s core came from guitarist which many felt was more of a vehicle for guitarist Trevor Rabin, who joined the band for 90125.

Horn will have worked with Yes under three different singers: himself, Anderson, and the band’s current vocalist, Benoit David (Anderson had fallen ill three years ago and was given doctor’s orders to rest. The group didn’t want to wait around and chose to tour without him, which moved Anderson to comment publicly that he was disappointed by their decision.)

Yes have been together as a band since 1968, with bassist Squire being the only member to have been with the group throughout their 43-year duration. Let’s be honest though: while Yes’ “classic period” and their 90125 album (which is 28 years old and no doubt classic, but purists will say “no, give me The Yes Album over that electronic clickety-clack) will remain FM radio staples, can this album make an impact on buyers in 2011? On older buyers, indeed. For fans of Horn, definitely. Or is the album merely an advertisement of sorts so that they’ll be able to say “we have new music, which most of the public will ignore but by the way, we’re going on tour”? Plus, a singer that is a complete unknown, and Horn knows how fans reacted to Yes when he was their singer. Looking back, Drama is a really good album but David is unproven. However, Journey has had Arnel Pineda as their lead vocalist for the last few years, and has managed to gain a loyal following not only by Journey fans, but by Filipino fans around the world who love that “their boy” is in one of their favorite groups. Will people be that loyal to David? Hard to say, since Yes has never had that kind of youthful following like Journey did. Only time will tell (and yes, that was an Asia reference, a group that featured Yes/Buggles keyboardist Downes and guitarist Steve Howe, who is also in this incarnation of Yes).

At the end of the year, we’ll see how well this re-re-union between Horn and Yes worked out. Cheers to both.

REVIEW: Manthra Dei’s self-titled album

Photobucket Manthra Dei are an Italian band who I came across, wasn’t sure who they were or what they were about but they seemed to be in good company on the website I found them on, so I went in. Their self-titled album consists of only two songs, but each song over 17 minutes in length. These guys love to jam, mix up Allman Brothers Band with Black Sabbath and you get a feel for what “Der Waldgung” is about. “The Mute Machine” is a far-out psychedelic tribute to Jimi Hendrix, with his influences explored throughout the song with the Band Of Gypsys‘ “Machine Gun” used as the song’s theme. I love the guitar tones, the movement of the bass, and the drums… everything just unites and gels perfectly together, it was great to hear this from start to finish but I wish the album had two more songs, each clocking in at 17 minutes or so. No vocals whatsoever, just pure guitar-driven rock with different textures and tempos every two minutes, this is the stuff I eat up. Everything is aligned just right, guitar solos communicate with each other as the bass and drums lock things down. Light up the lava lamp and the prime weekend week, and soak up the sounds.

SOME STUFFS: Robert Wyatt releases new album in November, coinciding with reissues

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For The Ghosts Within (Domino) marks the return of Robert Wyatt to stores. The album is a collaboration with saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon and violinist/composer Ros Stephen, and it is being highly anticipated. The new album will also coincide with the reissue of Wyatt’s solo catalog, but until then, you can download a track from For The Ghosts Within by clicking below.

The new album will be released on November 9th, while the reissues will happen the week before and a week after. Here’s the official schedule:

November 2, 2010
Rock Bottom (1974)
Ruth is Stranger Than Richard (1975)
Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)
Old Rottenhat (1985)
Dondestan (1991/1998)

November 16, 2010
Schleep (1997)
EPs (CD only) (1998)
Cuckooland (2003)
Theatre Royal Drury Lane (2008)

If you haven’t explored his catalog before, this will be the best way to do it, one by one.

SOME STUFFS: Yes and Lynyrd Skynyrd get the audiophile CD treatment

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If you’re a classic rock fan, you’ll have to pick up these two newly-remastered CD’s when they are released on September 29th.

  • Yes90125 was the band’s comeback album in 1983 when they had went on hiatus after the release of Drama. The vocalist of that version of the band, Trevor Horn, would become their producer for their comeback. 90125 featured Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White, Tony Kaye and new guitarist Trevor Rabin, whose contributions were felt throughout the album. The album also featured contributions from various members of Horn’s production team, which also happened to be Art Of Noise. The album lead to three hit singles, including “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, “Leave It”, and “It Can Happen”, along with album cuts like “Hold On” and “Changes”.

    The album was remastered for vinyl and released earlier this year by Friday Music, but this CD is a completely different remastering, handled by Steve Hoffman.

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s second album, appropriately titled Second Helping, was very popular with fans when it was released in 1974, and new fans were introduced to them with the help of what is arguably their second most popular song, “Sweet Home Alabama”. The album also features “Workin’ For MCA”, “The Needle And The Spoon”, and “Call Me The Breeze”. This 2009 remaster was done by noted mastering engineer Kevin Gray.
  • Both CD’s can be pre-ordered through CD Universe, so if you want 90125 go here; if you want Second Helping, head there