AUDIO: Mono’s “Ely’s Heartbeat”

Mono photo Mono_old_zpsptnitxbi.jpg
Mono fans no longer have to wait a long time for something new, as the Japanese heavy ragers will be coming out with a new release on October 14th through Temporary Residence Ltd. It’ll be called Requiem For Hell and if the title is enticing, then wait until you hear a track from it, which I offer below. It’s called “Ely’s Heartbeat”. If time is the clock of the heart, you don’t have to wait much longer for a new album to be released.

LYRIC VIDEO: Usurpress’ “Across The Dying Plains”

Usurpress photo Usurpress_old_zpsls5bsmqb.jpg
Out on September 23rd will be a new album from Sweden’s death metal monarchs Usurpress. Okay, maybe not monarchs but they are a great band and The Regal Tribe (Agonia) will be a continuation of what they have been doing to fans, and that is be supplies of brutal progressive death metal with a hint of crust and a touch of doom. For a taste of the ugliness, have a listen to “Across The Dying Plains”.

AUDIO: Obscura’s “Retribution” (full album stream)

On the agenda here is some progressive metal from German band Obscura, whose new album will be released on February 5th. It’s called Akroasis (Relapse) and they are streaming it in full a month in advance. You can pre-order a copy by clicking the cover below, which will take you to Amazon to be able to order it as an MP3, vinyl, or CD pressing. Or all three if you choose.

AUDIO: Obscura’s “Sermon Of The Seven Suns”

German band Obscura have completed their new album so for fans who have loved their brand of progressive metal, you’ll want to remember Akroasis (Relapse), due out on the 5th of February. To find out how sinister these guys are now, check out “Sermon Of The Seven Suns” and see if the sacred sounds are stupendous. The single is available from by clicking the cover below.

VIDEO: Intronaut’s “Fast Worms”

Have you ever wanted to bang your head to some heavy music with slight pop tendencies? If so, have you ever wanted to do it with a dolphin? That’s what the guys in Intronaut have done for their video “Fast Worms”, which isn’t about what happens when you have to go to the restroom and release worms out of your anus. This is more mindblowing and amazing. The song is from Intronaut’s The Direction Of Last Things (Century Media), released this past Friday. You can order it below via

VIDEO: Act Of Defiance’s “Throwback”

Metal Blade Records will be releasing Birth And The Burial by heavy metal band Act Of Defiance on August 21st. The group features former members of Megadeth (Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick), Scar The Martyr (vocalist Henry Derek Bonner) and Shadow Fall (Matt Bachard). Together, they mix up speed metal with a bit of progressive metal, exchanging their reach without a need to preach, but they will make believers out of you.