REVIEW: Prurient’s “Washed Against The Rocks” (7″ single)

 photo PrurientWATR_cover_zpsf1c40e5a.jpg Prurient’s latest effort is a 2-song single that is minimalistic drone, but not too minimalistic to where you’re listening to nothing but a drone. There’s a slight pulse and rhythm to these pieces but it’s so beneath the layers, it comes off like listening to a distant radio frequency and finding some sense of something beyond what is being heard. “Doors Closed In Secrecy” sounds as if what is being heard is piped in a huge chamber or hall and what you’re listening to at any given moment may have happened thirty seconds ago. If you get locked into the pulsating rhythm, that adds a unique dynamic if you wish to go that way.

The title track could be heard as gloomy, glorious, or holy, if not spiritual, depending on what time of day you are listening to this. The piece could easily be used as a backdrop in a film, or perhaps the backdrop to something in your life, if not the backdrop to the final song you listen to before you die. It could easily be connected in some way to “Doors Closed In Secrecy”, if only for the types of echoes and reverb used, but a part of me thinks neither song correspond with one another, it’s just two brand new Dominick Fernow songs, which at times is the only knowledge needed to enjoy and/or understand his works.

(The Washed Against The Rocks 7″ single is available from Thrill Jockey.)

REVIEW: Vatican Shadow’s “Remember Your Black Day”

 photo VaticanShadow_cover_zpsdab69340.jpg Dominick Fernow travels to and into a lot of territories through his music and he has returned with another release as Vatican Shadow. For Remember Your Black Day (Hospital Productions) he creates the kind of electronic music that one could compare to incidental music by the likes of Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. Because of this, one may think in cinematic terms when it comes to these songs, or in that you’ll listen to the depth of these tracks and hear them become a part of movie scenes. To add to this, Fernow gives them song titles that may or may not apply to the influences that went into creating these tracks, it could easily be for shock value. When one makes songs called “Not The Son Of Desert Storm, But The Child Of Chechnya”, “Contractor Corpses Hung Over The Euphrates River”, or “Jet Fumes Above The Reflecting Pool”, you can choose to question it, laugh at the dark and perhaps sick humor of it all, or just listen and interpret as you wish. Or not interpret. A number of songs are saturated with deep beats and rhythms, which leaves them open up for possible remixes if Fernow was open to that and it would be interested to see where others would take it, but I’m comfortable with the places visited by the Vatican Shadow moniker. I like being able to move closer to or staying as far away from it as I can.

RECORD CRACK: Prurient & The Rita to release collaborative 7″

 photo PrurientTheRita_cover_zpsc439e5f0.jpg
For fans of noise, you should be familiar with the works of Prurient and The Rita. Prurient is Dominick Fernow, while The Rita is Sam McKinlay, and both of them have been making some twisted sounds in the last 15 years, although Prurient has been going down an electronic path as of late. The tracks on this record were recorded a few years ago, but it consists of both artists uniting for an insane (g)listen. The record is called Women Pissing, and only 300 copies of this have been pressed by the Fusty Cunt label, on purple and aqua vinyl.

For more information on how to order a copy, send e-mail to jimharas [at] yahoo [dot] com.

REVIEW: Prurient’s “Through The Window”

Prurient photo Prurient_cover_zps176893f7.jpg The always unpredictable Prurient has returned with a nice morsel of sound called Through The Window (Blackest Ever Black) and while it seems that his noisy side is trying to come through again, it doesn’t happen here in full.

“You Show Great Things” could easily be how one could describe Prurient’s current phase in music, one of electronic explorations. This one touches on a few techno influences although one could easily say this comes from the house of Giorgio Moroder. Meditative, calm and soothing, haunting, but very moving. The title track sounds like the perfect movie or video game opening, where it sounds like a possible invitation within, the entry way towards wanting to know and feel more. For a slight return to Prurient’s noisy experimental words, there’s “Terracotta Spine”, with natural warehouse-ish sounds mixed beneath an industrial rhythm. Sadly, it lasts for just under four minutes, while I would have loved for him to take this another 12 minutes. Prurient seems very comfortable in this mode, and I hope he’ll continue for as long as it moves him to make more.

RECORD CRACK: Vatican Shadow to release cassette albums as 3 LP set

For almost two years, Hospital Productions has been releasing music by Vatican Shadow, a new project from Dominick Fernow, known in noise, experimental, and avant-garde circles as Prurient. As Vatican Shadow, Ferbow has been exploring the electronic and dance side of his interests, perhaps distant from his Prurient work but very part a part of his passion to create the unexpected. It Stands To Conceal will be a 3-record set consisting of albums originally released on cassette: Jordanian Descent, Ghosts Of Chechnya, and Atta’s Apartment Slated For Demolition. Keeping with the theme of the music, only 911 copies of this album are being made, with the first 119 copies on red, white and blue vinyl, packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The album is scheduled for release in mid to late December, although with holiday mail and possible delays, it may not arrive until early January. Pre-orders are being taken now, head over to Hospital Productions for details.