AUDIO: Psalm One featuring Angelenah’s “Impatient (Just U & Us)”

The superfresh (and damn good) Psalm One has not been crowded but perhaps you’ve not following her on Twitter and were unsure what she has been up to. She’s about to release an all new album called P.O.L.Y. (Psalm One Loves You) so if you have ever trusted this friendly lady, put your faith in her wisdom and check out a song from it as a hint to what you’ll be hearing more of soon. It’s called “Impatient (Just U & Us)”, do not resist.

VIDEO: Psalm One’s “Macaroni And Cheese”

Psalm One – Macaroni and Cheese ( Official Music Video) from DRFILMS on Vimeo.

Psalm One is a lover of life, hip-hop, and a genuine foodie. In fact, she will be featured in my hip-hop cookbook project that I’m still putting together, and here she is talking about one of the dishes she loves to put together. You may make your own pot, and you may also get down to this.

VIDEO: The Hood Internet featuring Psalm One & Tobacco’s “More Fun”

I’m going to say this once and one time only, okay? What you do with this information is not my responsibility. Okay, open your hand. OPEN IT, GOD DAMMIT!!!

Okay. The Hood Internet. Got it? Okay, now grasp your hand. Okay. Psalm One. Yes, that lady with fine rhymes and a cool voice. No no no, don’t be afraid, this equation is almost complete. Got it compiled and ready for an exponent? Now here we go. Tobacco. Not what you smoke, but that guy from Black Moth Sup…


VIDEO: Psalm One featuring Mikkey Halsted’s “Kids Right Now”

If you’ve been waiting for a new album from Psalm One, it’s here. The album is called Child Support, and “Kids Right Now” is the first video from it, a track that features Mikkey Halsted.

If you follow her account on Twitter, you’ll know that Psalm has been anything but calm in the last few years, so if you know who she is but haven’t caught up with her musical side of life, you can do so with the new album.

VIDEO: Tanya Morgan’s “Whatever That’s Mine”

You & What Army? That is the question Tanya Morgan are asking themselves but in truth they’re not waiting around for an answer. It’s the title of their current EP and this is how they’re answering their own question, with a video from the EP. BTW: the video comes along with their forthcoming North American tour with Hood Internet Psalm One, check out where they’ll be by clicking here.

SOME STUFFS: Hood Internet bring Psalm One and Tanya Morgan to the West Coast for tour

Hood Internet
This is the information I have received:

Hood Internet is release albums yes? ++STOP++

Debut albums is called Feat and/or will be on Decon. It is not called Feet but can move feet while dancings. ++STOP++

Mash-up mix song fun style “Ca$h Out x Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs” is the title. Make a free downloads tell everyone and/or all. ++STOP++

Touring Hood Internet, as they will welcome in the talents of Psalm One and Tanya Morgan on all West Coast dates. ++STOP++

Live shows are a plus, thus share data of all tentative stops. ++STOP++

July 25 – Wild Buffalo, Bellingham WA*
July 26 – Chop Suey, Seattle WA*
July 27 – Mississippi Studios, Portland OR*
July 31 – Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz CA*
August 1 – The Independent, San Francisco CA*
August 2 – Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa CA*
August 3 – The Central, Santa Monica CA*
August 4 – Casbah, San Diego CA*
August 9 – U Street Music Hall, Washington DC
August 11 – Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn NY

* with Psalm One and Tanya Morgan

Sounds like a plan to me. When Hood Internet finish, the album will be released. September 18th to be exact.