AUDIO: Slow Culture’s “Hoax”

Slow Culture photo SlowCulture_old_zpsghid13wi.jpg
Slow Culture have been in existence since 2009 and after a few line-up changes, they’ve come up with the one where there is a sense of brotherhood amongst them. They’re going to release a song called “Hoax”, which shows how they are insistent on getting their rock out to the world while gracing it with hints of psychedelia, and a subtle pop touch here and there. To me, it sounds like a cross between Love, Blur, and Screaming Trees. See what you come with with your first, second, and multiple listens.

SOME STUFFS: Portland’s Grandparents’ to release new album in October

Grandparents photo Grandparents_old_zpsllxwqopv.jpg
There’s a phrase about Portland, Oregon which is about being a place where young people go to retire. That sounds dumb but there is a Portland band who are ready to get old in their own way because they can’t help it, but on top of that, they are target marketing themselves for retire age. However, I’m not sure if actual retirees would be into these guys. They are called Grandparents, and they are releasing an album on Strange Light Records called Sincerely, Bagman, and you can check out a video made for one of the songs, “Kids In The Alley.”

Grandparents are currently on tour to help generate some interest for it and themselves, so head out and show some love for some Rose City rockers:
September 15… San Francisco, CA
September 16… Oakland, CA (The Hatch)
September 17… Los Angeles, CA
September 18… Long Beach, CA (Signal 1833)
September 19… San Diego, CA (Subtropic)
September 21… Salt Lake City, UT
September 22… Denver, CO
September 23… Fort Collins, CO
September 24… Logan, UT
September 25… Salt Lake City, UT
September 26… Boise, ID (Neurolux)
September 28… Olympia, WA
September 29… Seattle, WA
September 30… Vancouver, BC
October 1… Bellingham, WA (House Show)
October 2… Portland, OR (Lose Yr Mind Festival)
October 3… Seattle, WA

Sincerely, Bagman will be out on October 23rd. You can have a listen to their previous works by heading to their official Bandcamp page.

FREE MP3 DL: Sun Voyager’s “God Is Dead”

 photo SunVoyager_old_zps68c3d506.jpg
“God Is Dead”, so says New York garage/psych-rock band Sun Voyager, which is why they wrote, recorded, and released the song, which you may hear now. The song is part of their split EP they did with Greasy Hearts, titled Grease Voyage, and you may listen to “God is Dead” from Sun Voyager’s half. The full EP is available on cassette and in digital form from King Pizza Records.

SOME STUFFS: Bike Cops ready to release third EP

 photo BikeCops_old_zps16a14cff.jpg
If you’re a fan of the Chicago band Bike Cops, you’ll be surprised by the name of their forthcoming EP. Coming out on October 21st, it’s called Close Cover, Strike Gently. It’s not a Vol. III if you are to respect the pattern of previous releases, so it seems the group may simply want to try something new and if so, it may be heard in their music, so we’ll see. As for the title, if it sounds slightly familiar, it came from the back of a book of matches. Let’s see if it catches heat with the song “Salmon Sundae”.

If you’d like to hear the new music from Bike Cops, they are now on tour:
October 10… Chicago, IL (Emporium Arcade Bar)
October 11… Bloomington, IN (House Show)
October 12… Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield Artworks)
October 13… Washington, DC (House show)
October 14… Philadelphia, PA (Upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie)
October 15… New York, NY (Cake Shop) @
October 16… Buffalo, NY (Nietzsche’s)
October 18… Port Huron, MI (House Show)

@ = w/ The Shivas

SOME STUFFS: The Roofer’s Union preparing for next week’s album

 photo TheRoofersUnion_old_zps31db88b6.jpg
Flat Box Recordings are the label that will be presenting the debut album By Degrees by a group who are not called Degrees. These Brooklyn sirs are called The Roofer’s Union, who express themselves in a genre called psych rock, although when you rock, you do have the license to explore wherever you wand. They do and will do more in the years to come, as you will see and hear in their awesome song (and video) below for “Smoke Machine”. If you’re in Brooklyn tonight, head to the Palisades for the band’s release party.

SOME STUFFS: Wish to release debut album, make first video to highlight it

 photo Wish_old_zps285d691f.jpg
Wish are a psych band out of Toronto who have impressed enough people to start a healthy buzz, one that lead to them being signed with the small label Hand Drawn Dracula. They’ll be releasing their self-titled debut album on August 26th, and you’re now able to check out their first video for the song (and single), “Retro Grade”. If you’re in Ontario, you’ll be able to see them perform later this month:

August 19… Toronto ON (Garrison) ƣ
September 11… Toronto ON (The Horseshoe) ʤ
September 13… Hamilton ON (Supercrawl) Ϩ

ƣ = w/ Grooms, Hooray for Earth
ʤ = w/ Dirty Nil
Ϩ = w/ Petra Glynt, Beliefs

FREE MP3 DL: Walrus’ “Bulash”

 photo Walrus_old_zps2b5ec535.jpg
The Out of Sound and Poncho labels collaborated to release a new EP by a 6-piece band called Walrus. Glam Returns is the title, and “Balush” is its first single, and they hail from the land of Jesse Dangerously: Halifax, Nova Scotia. They aren’t shy about sharing their influences, whether it’s heavy rock or soulful bass riffs straight out of the Stax vaults. Stream and listen and if the song moves you, download it for free while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: Debut album from UK’s Messenger is on its way

 photo Messenger_old_zps051a99b5.jpg
Messenger are a British band who are all about the heaviness and then some. In other words, their sound may sound overwhelming but there are elements that balance things out so that it’s not a continuous wallop. The group are signed to Svart Records and will be releasing a debut album on March 31st called Illusory Blues, produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano. A single has been decided for it and it’s the song “Somniloquist”, a video of which you may view below.

VIDEO: Holy Wave’s “Wet and Wild”

A bit of psych with a pinch of garage and rock is about to enter your mind and thus your life with Holy Wave, who have made a video fora song on their latest album Relax (The Reverberation Appreciation Society). “Wet And Wild” may sound like something close to a water theme park or maybe something seductively sexual, or both. The video itself has the feel of classic promotional film clips from the late 60’s or something you could watch at a drive-in movie theater, or both.

Relax will be released on January 28th and can be ordered below via Amazon or directly from Austin Psych Fest.

SOME STUFFS: Ancient Sky allow access into their “Wishing Well”

 photo AngelSky_old_zps544036b3.jpg
As the band boost up awareness of their All Get Out album on Wharf Cat, Ancient Sky of Brooklyn, New York are doing so by letting everyone know that “Wishing Well” is one of the songs from it. The album will be out two Tuesdays from now, which means November 12th for those who do not have calendar access.