FREE MP3 DL: Walrus’ “Bulash”

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The Out of Sound and Poncho labels collaborated to release a new EP by a 6-piece band called Walrus. Glam Returns is the title, and “Balush” is its first single, and they hail from the land of Jesse Dangerously: Halifax, Nova Scotia. They aren’t shy about sharing their influences, whether it’s heavy rock or soulful bass riffs straight out of the Stax vaults. Stream and listen and if the song moves you, download it for free while supplies last.

VIDEO: Holy Wave’s “Wet and Wild”

A bit of psych with a pinch of garage and rock is about to enter your mind and thus your life with Holy Wave, who have made a video fora song on their latest album Relax (The Reverberation Appreciation Society). “Wet And Wild” may sound like something close to a water theme park or maybe something seductively sexual, or both. The video itself has the feel of classic promotional film clips from the late 60’s or something you could watch at a drive-in movie theater, or both.

Relax will be released on January 28th and can be ordered below via Amazon or directly from Austin Psych Fest.

VIDEO: Moodoïd’s “De Folie Pure”

Almost a month to the day, I presented you a nice video by Moodoïd called “Je suis la Montagne”. Right now, I’d like to present to you another song and video from this French group with a piece called “De Folie Pure”. The song is from their self-titled EP, which was released today. If you prefer your music on vinyl, the EP will be relased as a limited edition (only 200 copies) 12″, available through Third Side Records in France.

SOME STUFFS: Nude Beach say take an album, “it’s on us”

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If someone offered you a free album, would you take it? If that someone weer three guys who collectively are named Nude Beach, would you walk away? SHIT NO, YOU’D SCOOP THAT UP IN A SECOND.

This is what Nude Beach have done with their self-titled album, released three years ago but they decided “eh, let’s give it away”. It’s a means to let people know who they are, and it doubles as promotion for their forthcoming tour, which begins in a few weeks in Chicago at the AV Club Hideout Fest.

September 6… Chicago, IL (AV Club Hideout Fest)
September 8… Cincinnati, OH (MOTR) *
September 9… Nashville, TN (Stone Fox) *
September 10… Oxford, MS (Lamar Lounge) *
September 11… Chattanooga, TN (Sluggo’s) *
September 12… Atlanta, GA (529) */@
September 13… Asheville, NC (Static Age Records) *
September 15… Philadelphia, PA (Ortlieb’s) *
September 16… New Brunswick, NJ (Circuit City) *
September 20… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) *

* w/ Suspicious Beasts
@ w/ PUJOL

If you’d like to purchase something more recent from Nude Beach, their “What Can Ya Do” b/w “I’m Giving Up” 7″/MP3/FLAC/WAV single is available from Other Music Recording Co..

VIDEO: Moodoïd’s “Je suis la Montagne”

Director Jérôme Walter was perhaps the right choice when creating the video for “Je suis la Montagne”, a new song by Paris’ Moodoïd. Created by Pablo Padovani, Moodoïd has every intention on being heard by those who seek quality sounds, and those quality sounds will be represented with the release of his debut EP on Les Disques Enterprise.

You may know Moodoïd as the guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, but he has been wanting to expand his sound outside of those confines in order to show and share more of his talents, and he’ll do so with the EP. The first single from The EP is a song called “Je suis la Montagne” (“I am The Mountain”), the video of which you may view above. The forthcoming release will be available digitally as well as a 12″, only 200 copies have been made. You may pre-order it from France through Third Side Records.

Moodoïd will be playing his first show in the UK at the Ooh La La Festival in London on October 21st so if you attend, make him feel welcome.

SOME STUFFS: Destruction Unit to spend the rest of the year touring, in support of 5th album

 photo DestructionUnit_old_zps7f71f675.jpg
Deep Trip (Sacred Bones), right? I mean, Arizona, that’s the state where people are. Destruction Unit, who are not related to New Jersey’s Flavor Unit, are a group. August 20th is when that Deep Trip will start and everyone will be moving around their hands as if they’re spinning the magic ball at a rave.

Okay, maybe not, but Destruction Unit are indeed a band from Arizona and Deep Trip is a forthcoming album that will be ready for release on August 20th. Their brand of music is rich with the psychedelic and folk wonders of the mid to late 60’s, back when people would head to clubs or basements, open up a lava lamp, pour it over themselves and get off on the trippy vibes. It has that victorious sound that will please fans of early Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and 13th Floor Elevators, with a bit of Sonic Youth thrown in for extra texture. A song called “Bumpy Road” may represent the road that they’re about to embrace beginning in a few weeks, and leading them close to the end of the year. They’ll be touring in both North America and Europe, so have a preview of Deep Trip below and then save a place for yourself (and maybe a friend or two) at the Destruction Unit show to come.

August 23… San Diego, CA (VOID)
August 24… Los Angeles, CA (Complex)
August 25… Bakersfield, CA (Munoz Gym)
August 26… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock)
August 28… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
August 29… Seattle, WA (Barboza)
August 30… Olympia, WA (Dumpster Values)
August 31… Vancouver, BC (Sun Fest Vancouver) $
September 1… Boise, ID (The Crux)
September 3… Denver, CO (7th Street Arts Collective)
September 4… Omaha, NE (Middle House)
September 5… Chicago, IL (TBA)
September 7… Detroit, MI (Trinosophes) %
September 8… Toronto, ON (The Drake Hotel)
September 9… Montreal, QC (Il Motore)
September 11… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) +
September 12… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) +
September 14… Washington DC (Rock N Roll Hotel) +
September 15… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) +
September 17… Charlotte, NC (The Milestone) +&
September 18… Athens, GA (Caledonia) +
September 19… Atlanta, GA (529) +#
September 22… Houston, TX (Mangos) +
September 24… Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios) +
September 25… Memphis, TN (Gonerfest 10)

October 9… Berlin, Germany (West Germany)
October 11… Stockholm, Sweden (Southside)
October 12… Goteborg, Sweden (Koloni)
October 14… Copenhagen, Denmark (Stengade)
October 15… Hamburg, Germany (Hafenklang)
October 16… Hannover, Germany (Sturmglocke)
October 17… Uthrect, Holland (DB’s)
October 18… Harlem, Holland (Patronaat)
October 19… Antwerp, Belgium (Kavka)
October 20… Kortrijk, Belgium (The Pit’s)
October 21… Liege, Belgium (Carlo Levi)
October 22… Paris, France (Point FMR)
October 23… London, UK (Old Blue Last)
October 24… Newcastle, UK (The Tyne Bar)
October 25… Sheffield, UK (The Washington)
October 26… Brighton, UK (Prince Albert)
October 27… France (TBA)
October 28… Bordeaux (TBA)
October 29… Barcelona, Spain (Lupita del Raval)
October 30… Madrid, Spain (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
October 31… Libson, Portugal (ZDB)
November 1… Guimaraes, Portugal (CAAA)
November 2… Bermeo, Spain (Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala)
November 3… Vitoria, Spain (Ibu Host)
November 4… Tolouse, France (Les Saint Des Seins)
November 5… Lyon, France (TBA)
November 6… Torino, Italy (United Club)
November 7… Roma, Italy (Dal Verme)
November 8… Milano, Italy (Cox 18)
November 9… Luzern, Switzerland (Sudpol)
November 10… Verona, Italy (White Rabbit)
November 11… Lubiana, Slovenia (TBA)
November 12… Wien, Austria (Arena)
November 13… Konstanz, Germany (Horst)
November 14… Karlsruhe, Germany (Alte Hackerei)
November 15… Leipzig, Germany (Ut Connewiz)
November 16… Berlin, Germany (Auster Club)

$ w/ Nu Sensae
% w/ Human Eye
+ w/ Ukiah Drag
& w/ Pharmakon
# w/ Pop 1280

Vinyl and CD pressings of Deep Trip may be pre-ordered from Sacred Bones Records.

AUDIO: Steve Cradock’s “Sheer Inertia”

 photo SteveCradock_old_zpsaa632905.jpg
Proper Records is ready to release the third album by guitarist Steve Cradock called Travel Wild – Travel Free, and have set aside September 30th to release it. You may listen to one of its songs at this very moment, called “Sheer Inertia”.

You may be familiar with Cradock’s work as a member of Ocean Colour Scene, or as a collaborator with Paul Weller, for whom he has been his guitarist for 21 years. For Cradock’s new album, he also brought on Squeeze’s Chris Difford (for those of you who are thinking of the differences between Difford and Tilbrook, Difford is the non-blonde) to co-write the song “10,000 Times”. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to hear the album, in its entirety, so one song will have to suffice for the time being.

FREE MP3 DL: Columboid’s “Gorky”

 photo Columboid_old_zps9810dafc.jpg
Monster Vision (La Société Expéditionnaire) is album that you’ve been streaming and… oh wait, you haven’t heard Columboid’s Monster Vision album yet? What’s holding you back? Here’s a song from the album that I hope will persuade you to listen to it in full, called “Gorky”. You can thank me later.

(If you need more convincing, my review of Monster Vision can be read by clicking here.)

SOME STUFFS: A man has changed his name and body to become White Fence

White Fence photo WhiteFence_old-1_zpsbcefe8c4.jpg
This is how the press release for Tim Presley begins:
I have cyclops vision now. But I’m not a giant. I changed my name and body only, and stabbed my social nous in the right ear. I still read fear but there are no police this year. I can repeat the same dream. I can let birds talk to me. I’m in jail. I have love and a whistle. I lay where the lotus lay and then spring the frozen flowers on any giving day. I apologize to those put in the trees, but I was gathering the Cyclops reap.

Insane, right? Well if not that, then at least creative, for Presley is now White Fence and we have to accept the situation and circumstances that lead him to this moniker. When you write and record a song that’s titled “To The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley”, you have to wonder: what is this guy about? White Fence is about pop trippiness and everything that it can and can’t be, and then going beyond. As for that Cyclops reap he was gathering, it now comes in the form of an album that he calls CYCLOPS REAP, to be released this Tuesday on Castleface and as for that song with the long title, you may have a listen to its splendid adventure. It almost sounds like a George Harrison song from the mid to late 70’s, which is not bad at all.

REVIEW: Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound’s “Manzanita”

Photobucket What I enjoy about hearing a new album is when the first few songs leaves me wondering what these guys are about. I remember reading a book on music A&R where they said that a rule upon submitting a demo is to send in three of their best songs, because that will be the deciding factor on whether or not you’re worthy enough of being signed. Even when an artist is signed, bands will often make those first three songs on an album stand out, in the hopes it will make the listener want to hold on during the duration. That’s what Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound do on a very powerful album called Manzanita (Tee Pee), a healthy mixture of things where the ingredients are thrown out, but the end results are unknown until heard and experienced. There’s a nice mixture of rich rock’n’roll, some crunchy garage rock, blues and R&B elements, country, and pinches of what those outside of this country would call Americana. In tracks like “Blue Wire”, “The Flume”, and “Low Island Blues”, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound come off like that indie band you’ve been a fan of for years because they made you feel real, they validated your life and existence and you’d stand by/with them, no matter what. When they rock out, it’s complete with grit, oil, and raunchy scents you remember from a less-sane version of your existence. In other words, there’s that careless freedom feel to the guitar work, intense bass work, unified vocals, and that Farfisa that makes you wish you could either join the band or form one for yourself. Manzanita is an album that makes you wish they had a flag so you could pledge allegiance to it every morning. This is rock’n’roll.