SOME STUFFS: A “Persona” from Puce Mary is revealed

 photo PuceMary_old_zps77cfc5ae.jpg
Puce Mary is someone who doesn’t care about genre clarification. She may be considered one style or the other but she will go out of her way to create something else. Or not care about what anyone says. Her work may be industrial, experimental, avant-garde, or something else someone is ready to tag her with, but it’s very much out and in there at the same time. Her new album is called Persona (Posh Isolation), which you could say very much represents not only her as a person, but her music being a persona in and of itself. “Courses” could be something you’d hear in a museum or exhibit or the final piece you might not want to hear before you die, but that’s the beauty in work like this. Puce Mary may not be for everyone, but she isn’t looking specifically for everyone to begin with. The vinyl-only album can be ordered directly from