SOME STUFFS: Bee vs. Moth heading on the road to support new album

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Bee vs. Moth will be releasing a new album on September 9th courtesy of Aggraveire Music called Shelter In Place, and they will be heading into a number of different shelters when they head on tour beginning mid-September, including a stop at the VIA Festival in Pittsburgh.

September 19… Austin, TX (Spider House Ballroom) ☘
September 26… New Orleans, LA (The Beatnik)
September 27… Atlanta, GA (Eyedrum)
September 28… Chapel Hill, NC (The Cave)
September 29… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s Downtown)
September 30… Hamden, CT (private house concert) ❤
October 1… Boston, MA (TT the Bear’s Place) ☯
October 2… New York, NY (Pianos)
October 3… Pittsburgh, PA (VIA Festival – Thunderbird Cafe)
October 4… Washington, DC (Sonic Circuits Festival)
October 5… Indianapolis, IN (The Melody Inn)
October 6… Tulsa, OK (The Soundpony)

☘ w/ Peter Stopschinski, POON, and Foot Patrol
❤ w/ 11twelve13
☯ w/ Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

For a bit of appropriate music with the tour dates above, you can now listen to a song from the album to come, called “Problems With Crowds”.

SOME STUFFS: Mike Dillon to release “Band Of Outsiders”

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Sadly, I missed Mike Dillon when he played locally, I was really looking forward to going to his show during boat race weekend but I didn’t get the chance. I plan on not missing his new album due out on April 1st called Band Of Outsiders. To be release by The Royal Potato Family, Dillon and his cast of musical friends plan on bringing you into the other side and backwards with their new release. Here is the official track listing:

1. Head
2. Hand of God
3. Homeland Insecurity
4. Hero The Burro
5. Carly Hates The Dubstep
6. Great Lakes Tuna
7. Missing
8. All Walks of Life
9. Celebrate the Hate
10. 7AM at the Jazzfest
11. So Long Pal
12. Baby Flint Talk
13. Dauphine & Desire

To find out what kind of mayhem they have planned for you, have a listen to “All Walks Of Life” by heading here.

Dillon and band were in Nashville last night, and they have a few more shows to do this week, check them if the weather is good enough for you to head out and party:
February 13 – Asheville, NC (Asheville Music Hall)
February 14 – Charleston, SC (The Pour House)
February 15 – Live Oak, FL (Aura Music Festival)

Dillon will announce tour dates in support of Band Of Outsiders very soon.

SOME STUFFS: The road awaits Mike Dillon this summer

 photo MikeDillon_old-1_zps82c344d5.jpg
Mike Dillon (second from right) and his band, The Mike Dillon Band, are going to be doing a lot of shows for the next few months, but will get themselves warmed up with a show at the Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. In early June, they will venture out into the elements to play extensively throughout the United States.

May 25… Chillicothe, IL (Summer Camp Music Festival)
June 4… Gulfport, MS (The Chimney’s)
June 5… Asheville, NC (The One Stop)
June 6… Charleston, SC (The Pour House)
June 7… Boone, NC (Boone Saloon)
June 8… Waynesboro, VA (The Hot Spot)
June 9… Niagara, NY (Niagara River Rocks) $
June 10… The Bullfrog | Williamsport, PA
June 11… Venue of Merging Arts | Johnstown, PA
June 12… Burlington, VT (Nectar’s)
June 13… Boston, MA (Cafe 939)
June 14… Narragansett, RI (The Ocean Mist)
June 15… Portsmouth, NH (The Press Room)
June 16… Laconia, NH (Pittman’s Freight Room)
June 18… Hamden, CT (Outer Space)
June 19 & 20… New York, NY (Zirziman)
June 21… Schuylkill Haven, PA (Madsummer Meltdown)
June 23… Fairfield, IA (Fairfest)
June 25… Minneapolis, MN (Whisky Junction)
June 26… Chicago, IL (Martyr’s)
June 27… St. Louis, MO (The Demo)
June 28… Kansas City, MO (The Brick)
June 29… Fayetteville, AR (George’s Majestic)
June 30… Tulsa, OK (The Colony)
July 2… Ft. Collins, CO (Hodi’s Half Note)
July 3… Breckenridge, CO (320 South)
July 4… Victor, ID (Knotty Pine)
July 6… Quincy, CA (High Sierra Music Festival)
July 9… San Diego, CA (Winston’s)
July 11… Los Angeles, CA (The Mint)
July 12… Forestville, CA (The Forestville Club)
July 13… San Francisco, CA (Boom Boom Room)
July 16… Arcata, CA (Jambalaya)
July 17… Applegate, OR (Applegate Lodge)
July 18… Olympia, WA (Urban Onion)
July 19… Seattle, WA (Sunset Tavern)
July 20… Portland, OR (The Goodfoot)
July 21… Rhododendron, OR (Skyway)
July 23… Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo)
July 26… Richland, WA (Emerald of Siam)
July 27… Eugene, OR (Black Sheep Music Festival)
August 1… Frisco, CO (The Barkley Ballroom)
August 2… Denver, CO (Cervantes’ Other Side)
August 3-4… Telluride, CO (Telluride Jazz Festival)
August 8… Detroit, MI (Corkland Tavern)
August 9… Pittsburgh, PA (Thunderbird)
August 10… Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bowl) @
August 11… Turin, NY (Moe.Down)
August 15… Hartford, CT (Sully’s)
August 16… Williamsport, PA (Bullfrog)
August 17… Columbus, OH (Rootwire Music Festival)
August 22… Virginia Beach, VA (Doc Taylor’s)
November 14-17… Live Oak, FL (Bear Creek Music Festival)
January 4-9, 2014… Miami, FL (Jam Cruise)

$ w/ Primus
@ w/ Galactic

REVIEW: The Hand To Man Band’s “You Are Always On Our Minds”

Photobucket Interesting album here, as the band sound like they’re unpacking their instruments as they’re playing it, some of it sounds off-key but they’re playing it out in the hopes of being in-tune. But they never quite get there, and there creates the mission. The Hand To Man Band play music that goes all over the place, but do it in a way that is interesting. You Are Always On Our Minds (Post-Consumer) sounds like Side 4 of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma if they were raised on Sun Ra. It seems they take on the theory at there are no wrong keys, for if the ear hears something that’s off, they will eventually get to a note that you can comprehend. Within the band’s stormy wars is a sense of musicianship that could be interpreted as anything from avant-garde rock to twisted funk, and there’s good reason for that.

The group is a supergroup featuring Mike Watt, Thollem, John Dieterich, and Tim Barners, so if you’re familiar with Deerhoof, Silver Jews, Jim O’Rourke, The Minutemen, and fIREHOSE, this is a continuation of what they are as musicians. Will you hear shades of these bands? Let me say this: don’t expect familiarity. Okay, you might hear Watts’ bass intro to “They Pretty Right” and go “YES, THIS SOUNDS LIKE” this and that and whatever, but knowing who is in the band, you go into it for the adventure of their ride, not to relive past glories. The glory in The Hand To Man Band is being together to create new music, and yes, it’s full of twists that is just exciting as what you know them for. Now know “them”.

(MP3 and CD versions can be purchased below via If you’d like to purchase it on vinyl, order directly from Post-Consumer Records.)

SOME STUFFS: A month away from hearing new album by Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon is arguably one of the more adventurous musicians out there today, but you may be saying “John, there are 7 billion people on this planet. Can this Dillom mate truly be that adventurous?” That is what I said, so the answer to that is yes, and you can also say yes when he releases a brand new album a month from today called Urn (Royal Potato Family), which was not only recorded in his native New Orleans but was recorded straight to analog tape so for those who love their warmth where it counts, this is for you.

Dillon is currently on tour, where he will be until late September, where he will join Marco Benevento for a small straight of shows.
August 28… Norman, OK (The Deli)
August 29… Oklahoma City, OK (VZDs)
August 30… Tulsa, OK (The Colony)
August 31… Fort Smith, AR (Webby D’s)
September 1… George’s Majestic | Fayetteville, AR (George’s Majestic)
September 2… Little Rock, AR (Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack)
September 5… Kansas City, MO (The Brick)
September 6… Mojo’s | Columbia, MO (Mojo’s)
September 7… Carbondale, IL (Varsity Center for the Arts)
September 8… Ceder Falls, IA (Spicoli’s Grill)
September 13… New Orleans, LA (DBA)
September 14… Jackson, MS (Martin’s)
September 15… Ocean Springs, MS (Mezzos)
September 17… Boone, NC (Mezzos)
September 18… Waynesboro, VA (Hot Spot)
September 19… Rochester, NY (Water Street Music Hall)^
September 20… Buffalo, NY (Nietzsche’s) ^
September 22… Chicago, IL (Martyr’s) ^
September 23… Fairfield, IA (Cafe Paradiso) ^
September 24… Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews) ^
September 25… Kansas City, MO (Record Bar) ^
September 26… St. Louis, MO (Old Rock House) ^
September 27… Louisville, KY (Headliner’s Music Hall) ^
September 28… Columbus, OH (Woodland’s Tavern) ^
September 29… Pittsburgh, PA (Rex Theatre) ^

^ with Marco Benevento