VIDEO: Purpose featuring Joe Green’s “Lights On”

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Producer Z put this track by Miami rapper Purpose together for his album Joy And Pain. The track is called “Lights On” but it will neither blind or deafen you. The track also features Joe Green out of Scottdale, Georgia and this is for you.

AUDIO: Estee Nack & Purpose’s “When I Get High”

If and when you get high, what do you do afterwards? Estee Nack and Purpose of Tragic Allies want to inform you what goes on in their new song “When I Get High”, which may be dope but it may very well be informative, one of the most informative songs out now. What I can be factual about is that the song is from Estee’s new album 14 Forms: The Book Of Estee Nack, which means if you find this to be a treat, you’ll have 13 more chapters to get yourself into. The album will be released by Ill Adrenaline Records on June 23rd.

VIDEO: Paranom & Purpose’s “Microphone Phenomenal”

Purpose hooked up with Paranorm for a recording, we know this as fact.
Purpose produced the song.
The song is called “Microphone Phenomenal” and are things phenomenal? Listen and find out if it’s fact… or at least something that makes you want to hear more.

That more can be heard on their album, Life Outside The Frame, which means to think, listen, and do things in your life that is outside of the box, outside of the norm, outside of an established comfort zone. You may find more comfort there.

They’d thank you for your support.

VIDEO: Paranom & Purpose’s “Dayz Go By”

The freedom and creativity heard in a lot of jazz and jazz funk/funk jazz was something that was reciprocated by artists who chose to sample from it. It was from the past, and it was a link to what came and what one didn’t experience before. That vibe continues in “Dayz Go By”, a new track by Paranom and Purpose, who are making the kind of music that would have been perfect in 1991 or 1993. It is highly needed now in 2013.