SOME STUFFS: Quelle Chris unleashes “Lullabies For The Broken Brain”

New music from Quelle Chris is not on its way, it’s here. It’s a brand new project called Lullabies For The Broken Brain and it’s 16 fresh hits plus two bonus tracks, worthy enough of your attention. You can stream it in full right now via Bandcamp and if you’re really into it, show support by buying it as well.

VIDEO: Quelle Chris’ “Nothing Moves”

We know of (or you should know of) the phenomenon of “jazz hands” but do you know what “rap hands” are? Quelle Chris wants to let you know in a video that he says is “a tribute to rap hands”. It’s called “Nothing Moves”, a song on the Innocent Country album on Mello Music Group he did with Chris Keys. The video was directed by Da Dreak, so check out what Mr. Dreak has done and have a blast.

SOME STUFFS: Quelle Chris released new album today
When I post a new project that comes through on Bandcamp, I try to make sure to match the lettering with a specific color on the album cover. In this case, Innocent Country by Quelle Chris had a drawing of someone stabbing someone else with blood dropping from the wound, so I figured I would make red the emphasis. However, when I did that, I see a photo of Quelle Chris standing in front of a yellow van and I thought “wait now, where’s the album cover?” I’m unable to change the main graphic so I apologize for not doing it the way I wanted to. Maybe some of you are saying “John, who cares? I wanted to hear the new album, who gives a rat’s ass what the primary color is? Just pass the information to me about the album and shut up. I thank you, but enough is enough.”

Fair enough. You can thank Mello Music Group for putting this together.

SOME STUFFS: Quelle Chris to release an album with producer Chris Keys

Quelle Chris will be releasing a new album on Mello Music Group that is a collaboration with producer Chris Keys. Mark July 10th to be able to pick up or hear Innocent Country, but at this very moment you’ll be able to check out two of its songs, one of which can be downloaded for free. The free song is called “I Asked God” but you’ll also be able to stream “Nothing Moves” as well, so get your double Chris satisfaction and give it a shot.

VIDEO: Apollo Brown featuring Quelle Chris, Ras Kass, yU, Has-Lo & Cavalier’s “Cellophane Cypher”

As a candy bar once said, two great things can definitely taste great together, but what happens if it pertains to rappers and it’s a combination of three rappers? How about four? Now let’s make it five, could you handle it? You have to, as Apollo Brown has given a “Cellophane Cypher”, where he wheels up Ras Kass, yU, Cavalier, Quelle Chris, and Has-Lo for an intense song for all senses.

SOME STUFFS: Pharoahe Monch to release new album in April

 photo PharoaheMonch_old_zpsc06c9b03.jpg
Tax day in the U.S. is under two months away and while that can be good or bad, it seems to be turning into a great day for new music. Pharoahe Monch is returning to the forefront with P.T.S.D., which stands for “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, and it will be packed with a lot of special guests, including Black Thought of The Roots, Talib Kweli,and Vernon Reid, plus production from the likes of Quelle Chris, Jesse West, Marco Polo, and Lee Stone. While the press release says Mohch has been “at the forefront of lyrical innovation for two-decades now”, that’s not quite true. We’re talking three decades: 90’s, 00’s, and now in the 10’s, and he’s not about to stop just yet. A song called “Bad MF” has already surfaced, so have a listen to it below.

A U.S. tour will coincide with the album’s release and when those are announced, I’ll post the dates here.

VIDEO: Quelle Chris’ “Ghost At The Finish Line”

Another Mello Music Group nugget comes in the form of a new video by Quelle Chris, handling the video for the title track to his new album. If you like the song, you may download it by heading here.

SOME STUFFS: New Oddisee track to appear on forthcoming Mello Music Group compilation

 photo MMGMV1_cover_zpsa42306e7.jpg
Mello Music Group are easily one of the most busiest labels out there today, and for me, I always anticipate what they’re about to release next. Here is that next: a compilation album called Mello Music Group Mandala Vol. 1: Polysonic Flows, to be released digitally on January 28th, with hard copy on February 4th. The album will feature material from yU, Dudley Perkins, Has-Lo, Blueprint, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Open Mike Eagle, John Robinson, Mr. Lif, Akil The MC, and Oddisee, who decided to share one of his contributions to the album with “Invislble Walls”, which you may download for free.

FREE DL: Quelle Chris’ “Ghost At The Finish Line”

 photo QuelleChrisGATFL_cover2_zps68c31a0d.jpg
Ghost At The Finish Line (Mello Music Group) is what’s to come in from Quelle Chris, and he’s not waiting around. The title track can be downloaded for all to hear and as for the album? Tomorrow.

VIDEO: Quelle Chris’ “Super Fuck”

Last month around this time, Quelle Chris made a new song called “Super Fuck” available for all to hear, so perhaps it was inevitable that a video would materialize. With a title like that, it had to. Now here it is, in all of its animated splendor. The song is from his forthcoming Mello Music Group album Ghost At The Finish Line, ready for release on October 29th. Vinyl and CD versions can be pre-ordered below through Amazon.