FREE MP3 DL: The Revivalists’ “Pretty Phonograph (Quickie Mart Remix)”

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On one side of the gate, you have The Revivalists and their brand new song, “Pretty Phonograph”. Now take that song and give the multi-tracks to DJ Quickie Mart. In his hands, the possibilities are endless. Here is one of those possibilities. If you’d like to download it after streaming to listen, click the player below and the DL link will be on the Soundcloud page. The song will appear on QM’s Space Monkey Radio 2 compilation.

REVIEW: Bang, You’re Dead’s “Late Nights”

 photo BangYrDead_cover_zpsf9d0a9f2.jpg Quickie Mart & Jes Hudak have morphed themselves as one to become Bang, You’re Dead and Late Nights represents their musical contributions with one another, and it’s a fascinating listen of electronic pop that shows how far both of them are able to take themselves. There may be only seven songs on this short album, but “Quicksand” is the kind of song that would keep pulling people onto the dancefloor and keep them there until it became too gooey. There is a nice hip-hop moment when Dez Hope drops a verse in “Arizona” that almost sounds like Dave “Trugoy” Jolicoeur sat in with the duio, and while it could stand out as its own hit, Bang, You’re Dead is about the powerful impact boom power of their grooves that will motivate a number of rotating swerves. They’ve made it, now it’s your time to make it for them too. I’m very curious to see where Miss Hudak will take things next.

AUDIO: Bang, You’re Dead’s “Late Nights” (full album stream)

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Bang, You’re Dead is the moniker hip-hop/EDM producer Quickie Mart and singer/songwriter Jes Hudak have chosen to represent themselves, and that representation has lead to a full length album due out on October 1st called Late Nights, and they’re allowing everyone to listen to it via stream. It will be formally released on October 1 through Supermart Produce.

VIDEO: Quickie Mart featuring Jay Diggy’s “Ass Rotation”

Two months ago today, I presented to you a new track by DJ Quickie Mart called “Ass Rotation”. Some of you may have loved the song, but may have had the visions of rotating asses in your mind and had hoped that perhaps Quickie Mart would make a video for it. Your rear-end dreams have come true. Everything jiggles from here on out.

FREE MP3 DL: Quickie Mart’s “Spectacle”

Quickie Mart photo QuickieMartS_cover_zps29bf4927.jpg
DJ Quickie Mart is getting a bit celestial and laid back in his new spectacle song called “Spectacle”, which could easily become the right instrumental to the right MC (for the right price, of course) but it’s good and sound as it stands. You could even place it as a song on your sexy playlist. Make it happen… tonight.

VIDEO: Gypsyphonic Disko featuring Katey Red’s “Dreidel Song”

This video by Gypsyphonic Disko came across and I thought okay, perhaps a song that is perfect for the holiday season. Then I pressed play.

I realized that it was not. This video features strippers doing wicked booty dances, someone stroking a stripper pole, and then there’s a drag queen involved. What the hell is doing on, and what does this have to do with a dreidel? Somewhere within this video lies the answer. Gypsyphonic Disko are DJ Quickie Mart and Ben Ellman, while Katey Red considers himself “the godfather of Sissy Rap”.

AUDIO: Computa Games’ “Let Me Down”

Computa Games
Soul music? Beautiful? Electronic soul? Awesome. Computa Games are serious with what they do, going back to the soul and funk that inspired them but giving it a modern day boost that will make you, your parents, and maybe your grandparents move. It’s instrumental, although you may feel free to sing a song in your mind as you hear the thick synth melody.

As for who Computa Games is or are, it’s two people: DJ Quickie Mart and Kung Fu Chris. If you know about their music, then you know of their capabilities. Now hear them combine to create this beaut.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Gotham Green & Quickie Mart featuring Jabee’s “Natural Progression

In preparation of the forthcoming Haze Diaries Volume 4 mix tape, a video has been made for Gaotham Green & Quickie Mart’s “Natural Progression”, which the song and video is in terms of their output. The track features Jabee, and this is one of those tracks that’ll knock it and others out the box. Listen to find out why.

VIDEO: Gotham Green & Quickie Mart’s “The Hard Way”

The moment one hears about or sees a video with Quickie Mart involvement, you have to stop and say “FREEZE… IT’S QUICKIE, SNITCHES!”

Or something like that.

Gotham Green collaborated with Quickie Mart for this great song which is complimented with a very nice video. The song is from the forthcoming Haze Diaries Volume 4 project.