VIDEO: Ilyas Nashid & Quintessence James’ “The Fall”

On the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere, Tanya Morgan member Ilyas Nashid has done a track with Quintessence James that may or may not be able the season now here with us. It’s called “The Fall”, the video of which was directed by Ilyas. The song is from their album Transformation Part 1: Ego, so press that beast of a thing called a play button and have a look and listen. The album can be ordered below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Ilyas Nashid & Quintessence James’ “Away Too Long”

You’ll know Ilyas Nashid as once being a part of Tanya Morgan and you may know Quintessence James from something or somewhere else but James produced an album for Ilyas called Transformation Part 1: Ego. Now, Ilyas takes the directorial cap to do a clip for “Away Too Love” and maybe it’s his answer for everyone who hgas been wondering where he has been. Now you know: he’s here.

SOME STUFFS: Ilyas to release new solo project
If you’re a longtime fan of Tanya Mrogan, then you’re very aware of one of the components. Ilyas Nashid and Donwill were great at what they did but they are no more, allowing both of them to explore other options. One of those options is Ilyas putting together an album with producer Quintessence James and it will be released in a few weeks. It’s called Transformation Part 1: Ego, the title of which suggests a Part 2 is on its way and will be. For now, get familiar with the first part by listening to “Prologue (Away Too Long)”.