REVIEW: Ramesses’ “Baptism Of The Walking Dead”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ramesses are a UK doom metal band with the kind of crunch and rawness that sounds as if they’re bowing down to LORD SATANA and preaching the words that are burning in their hearts. It’s a very brutal, low-end sound where every repetitive warble is just a drill into the unknown parts of your mind. Baptism Of The Walking Dead (HCP Industries) may be a mere 3-song EP (released as a 3 inch CD) but what they’re able to do with these songs is generate a type of vibe that is fitting of their artwork and song titles. It sounds devastating and beautiful in its own way, the drones can take off into new places while the bass work of vocalist Adam Richardson is in tandem with the lyrics (most likely intentional).

If there’s one problem I had on an EP with some very meaty songs, it’s how the drums were recorded and/or mixed. Apparently these are alternate mixes of songs that will be on their forthcoming album, Take The Curse, but it should have been released after the album and not before. I love the big bold sound of the bass and guitar, but the drums sounded as if they were recorded in a cardboard box. If this was released as a 7″ 33 1/3 rpm single, maybe I would not have noticed, but in the digital realm, everything is enhanced. If they are ever able to remix this so that the drums sound big and bold (and I don’t mean have it sound like Motley Crue arena/butt rock), or at least full and rich, this could have been incredible.

I’m hoping the album will sound better, but Baptism Of The Walking Dead is not lousy. It’s just that I would have loved the drums to have sounded as powerful as the guitar and bass.