VIDEO: Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz’s “300z”

Mischa Burgess directed this new one by rapper Rapper Big Pooh and Nottz, a song from their Home Sweet Home album on Mello Music Group. Get yourself into “300z”, which could be a car, could be a means of measurement, or… eh, find out what it means if you don’t know already.

FREE MP3 DL: Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz’s “300Z”

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New music has been getting people pumped for anything new by rapper Rapper Big Pooh and producer Nottz. Now here’s yet another morsel of newness so if you’re a fan of these guys, you’re expected to enjoy this immensely. Okay, maybe not “expected” but you are sure to get into “300Z”. It will be a part of their Home Sweet Home album on Mello Music Group, due out on November 13th.

SOME STUFFS: Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz to release collab album soon

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Rapper Big Pooh is going to shine with a brand new album he and Nottz did together. Due out in November on Mello Music Group is Home Sweet Home, which means it’s on its way (cue Mötley Crüe song). With help from a Minnie Riperton sample, have a listen to its first single, “Memory”, which also features Novej.

AUDIO: Reckonize Real & Mayhem featuring Rapper Big Pooh & Justin Cohen’s “The Blame Game”

Producer Reckonize Real is working with rapper Mayhem for a song they nicely called “The Blame Game”, and they didn’t want to play games when they titled it. Also not playing the game are those who were brought in to special guest themselves: rapper Rapper Big Pooh and Justin Cohen. Guaranteed goodness.

VIDEO: Rapper Big Pooh’s “Stop”

Rapper Rapper Big Pooh is back with a brand new video directed by Jay Brown. “Stop” was produced by Apollo Brown and it’s something you will not frown about. Don’t frown about, you know. The songs comes from his Mello Music Group album Words Paints Pictures.


FREE DL: Rapper Big Pooh featuring Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith’s “How I Move”
Rapper Rapper Big Pooh is ready to release his new EP called Words Paint Pictures and this is a song produced by Apollo Brown and featuring Eric Keith, who you may know better as Blakk Soul. The song is called “How I Move” but you could say this song is about how they move towards making sure you enjoy the song so… enjoy. Free download to boot, no excuses.

SOME STUFFS: Rapper Big Pooh is now a Mello Music Group artist

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You read that right. For those who have been wondering about the activities of Rapper Big Pooh as of late, you’ll be hearing about him quite a bit in 2014. He has been signed by Mello Music Group and has two projects on the way: a full album that has has its eyes set for a summer release, entirely produced by Nottz. There will also be an EP where each track will be produced by a Mello Music Group-affiliated producer, which should be very interesting considering the wealth of talent the label has in their roster. For the time being, check out a song from the newly released Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics compilation, which should get you anxious for more.

AUDIO: Don Streat featuring Little Brother’s “The Sun (Remix)”

Maryland and France merge with this new project by Don Streat and producer Cool HD, which will be an album called Bare My Soul, due out on the 19th of September, and this song may very well bring it some awareness. It’s a remix of “The Sun” , which welcomes North Carolina’s Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh doing what they do, and nicely.