REVIEW: Why?’s “Eskimo Snow”

free image hosting Why?‘s Eskimo Snow (Anticon) was recorded the same time their Alopecia album was made, and apparently it was meant to be released as two separate albums. You can consider them flip sides of the same coin, or just two albums done at the same time, but for you it means another collection of Why? songs to dig and get emotional with.

Their brand of anti-folk at times comes off like the kind of sentiment one doesn’t expect for a man to sing, but here it is, songs about self-reflection (“These Hands”), occasionally longing for days gone by (“Even The Good Wood Gone”), or the mysterious of a confusing world and live as one tries to understand ones purpose on this planet (“Eskimo Snow”). Or if it’s not anti-folk, it can be outsider country, or loner blues, but isn’t some of the best country music made by self-proclaimed outsiders and lonely bluesmen looking for a sip, scent, and song? In a track like “In The Shadows Of My Embrace”, Yoni Wolf sings with innocent openness “I conquered my own childhood silence and now the world is my lit confessional marquee/but it’d take a busload of high school soccer girls to wash those hospitals off me”, only for him to make more revelations that he knows he shouldn’t but “you got to yell something that you’ll never tell nobody”, and that is exactly what he has done on Eskimo Snow and the many albums and singles he has released over the years. It may be as effective as confessing your secrets to a wall or tree, and at least under the guise of Why? there are many walls and trees to bump into in one’s life.

VIDEO: Why? reveal their new manager

Why? are the band you see here giving a high five to the mirror, and they have a new album coming out next called Eskimo Snow. A new album made the group feel like it was time for new management. So here’s a video explaining this, and they introduce their new manager/guru to the team.

SOME STUFFS: Why? and more on the new album

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Why?‘s Eskimo Snow album is scheduled for release on September 22nd through Anticon. Here is a look at the track listing:

1. These Hands
2. January Twenty Something
3. Against Me
4. Even The Good Wood Gone
5. Into The Shadows of My Embrace
6. One Rose
7. On Rose Walk, Insomniac
8. Berkeley By Hearseback
9. This Blackest Purse
10. Eskimo Snow


SOME STUFFS: Why? offer a taste of their forthcoming new album

Why? recorded their album Alopecia (Anticon) and found an audience wanting more. Fortunately the group had recorded another album that is meant to compliment the other. Eskimo Snow is being described as “a sung, sobering take on mortality that unfurls in lush waves of Americana and pop-infused psych-folk”, which according to them is purposely different from what they did with Alopecia.

Here’s a preview of Eskimo Snow with a track called “This Blackest Purse” (free MP3 download, 12.07mb), the perfect way to stir up anticipation, I say.

No set release date yet.

SOME STUFFS: Why? prepare for new LP in 2009

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You can give a high-five to yourself, in celebration of your new album. In this case it’s a new album from Why?, who will be releasing Eskimo Snow (Anticon) later this year. This is the follow up to Alopecia, even though both albums were recorded around the same time in 2007. Sadly there’s no chance of a new cLOUDDEAD or Reaching Quiet project, but Yoni Wolf recently said in an interview with Pitchfork that hip-hop is and will always be within him and what he does, just not in a direct way with everything he does.

Nonetheless, the new Why? album should be great.