RECORD CRACK: Rectal Hygenics release “Cold Meat” 7″

 photo RectalHygenics_cover_zps334d098a.jpg
“Cold Meat” and “Hoard Of Violence” are two Rectal Hygenics tracks released digitally in September, but now you’re able to pick a physical copy up in the form of a 7″ single on the Diseased Audio label. Order a copy or two by clicking here.

RECORD CRACK: A slice of “Cold Meat” from Rectal Hygenics

 photo RectalHygenics_cover_zpsb4fe2acf.jpg
When there’s a band called Rectal Hygenics, you can’t walk away to ignore it. You approach, albeit carefully. This is a good one for fans of sleazy punk and hardcore, and I say sleazy because the A-side, “Cold Meat”, has a rough and disgusting G.G. Allin feel to it. You may listen to the song below. The B-side is “Hoard Of Violence”. The record will be available very soon from Diseased Audio’s web store.