FREE MP3 DL: John Reilly’s “Do That Sh*t”

Rediculus is back at it with a new production, this time working with John Reilly for a tune appetizingly called “Do That Shit”, a way to let fradulent rappers know that they need to get out of the way to pave a path towards music that is far better. Reilly doesn’t directly say he is better but the message is in the lyrics.

VIDEO: Rediculus’ “Mad As Hell”

In Response: Dee-Fi is a compilation put together by Rediculus that scratches the service of what he’s about. If you’ve seen his name before or you heard one or two of his cuts, you will be able to hear a 15-song collection that will let you know what he is about. At least in part. A video has been made for the song “Mad As Hell” and even if he is, he’s having fun at the same time.

VIDEO: Rediculus & Skeezo featuring El Gant & Bekay’s “Watch Ya Step”

El Gant and Bekay did not hesitate to say yes when Rediculus and Skeezo asked them to contribute to their song, and once they
heard it was called “Watch Ya Step”, they went for it. Okay, maybe that’s not the way it happened, and I don’t know if the song title was already pre-selected before it was over, but it makes for a hopeful concept. Whatever way it worked, the concept is now reality, and here it is. The song can be found on the “Stuck In Da 90’s remix EP

VIDEO: Rediculus featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso & Bekay’s “Kalashnikov & Kush”

Rediculus is definitely getting ridiculous with his release program, coming out with some quality music and this one is part of his plan. It’s called “Kalashnikov & Kush” and it features Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, Famoso, and El Gant helping out. You want more ridiculous? Take a listen and find out how this song is.

VIDEO: Fdot1 & Rediculus’ “Luv Ting”

“Luv Ting” by Fdot1 and Rediculus from Nick Guarderas on Vimeo.

Dedicated is a new 5-song EP put together by UK rapper Fdot1 and Chicago producer Rediculus, and it has also produced a video in the form of “Luv Ting”, which touches on the yin and yang of love and relationships.

If you’d like to hear more, Dedicated can be streamed below and if you enjoy it, show some support by buying the full EP.

FREE DL: Rediculus “Iron Fist”

 photo RediculusIF_cover_zps008324e6.jpg
Rediculus recorded and produced this track called “Iron Fist”, which would have been good enough as is. Then he upped himself: he decided to add a Queens representative, and you know what his incentive is (or was), right? Quality. That quality comes in the form of Blaq Poet. Stream and listen to this and if it is to your liking, you’re able to download it in the digital format of choice, including FLAC lossless.

VIDEO: Lost Things’ “The Keynote”

This one was made aware to me by a post on Facebook, so I decided to check it out. It had taken awhile for the vocals to kick in but when it did, I thought of a number of MC’s that had that cool “monotone style”, including Rakim and Guru, but in Prome I also heard a bit of that King Sun vibe. He and producer Rediculus are united as one, as Lost Things, and lost they are not, as you’ll hear in “The Keynote”. You may have heard Rediculus’ work in other projects, so consider this an addition to his output.

The song is from their album The Search for Lost Things, which you can download for free via Bandcamp.