San Francisco’s DaVinci is ready to release his album called The MOEna Lisa, but he’s going to keep people waiting a bit be releasing an EP called XLIX, so not only can you consider this a sampler of what’s to come, but he’s making it available for free via Bandcamp. The full length? That will be out on November 6th.

VIDEO: DaVinci’s “Paper Power Pussy”

It’s one thing to have a sexy lady in your kitchen rolling a joint for the both of you to smoke after the video shoot, but when you say “paper, power, pussy on myr motherfuckin’ mind” in front of her, is that okay for everybody? A part of me wants to say “have some manners, man” but the other part of me says “lick the Zig Zag’s and have a blowback near her anus”. The track and video are both laid back, and jokes aside, I really like this. Paper, power, or pussy? Why not have all three, if you can maintain them while remaining sane? The song is from his forthcoming The MOEna Lisa project.

VIDEO: Rel & J.Billion’s “Soul Clap”

Can you get it? Would you, could you, should you? Yes to all. This is a track by Rel & J.Billion, and together they recorded an album called MVMNT, which will be released on May 17th. Now will you go get the schultz? Do it.