RECORD CRACK: Biggie McDonald/Ol’ Dirty Henderson split 7″

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There’s a cool 7″ single out, released by the Mash Mellow label out of Germany. This one takes Biggie Smalls and Ol’ Dirty Bastard acapellas and creates new mixes of them, as if both of them were rapping 90’s style in the 70’s. Biggie McDonald offer “Everyday Struggle Just Begun”, while Ol’ Dirty Henderson “Got You Dancing To The Beat”

You can hear MP3 excerpts of each, and order your copy by heading to Juno in the UK. These are the sources of the songs in these mixes:

RECORD CRACK: DJ B.Cause take on The Marveletes gets a formal 45 rpm release

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You may have heard it make the digital rounds, but if you’ve heard a mash-up combining The Marveletes‘ “In The Sea” with De La Soul‘s “Oooh.”, that was created by DJ B.Cause. The song will finally be released on vinyl overseas with the help of the mysterious underground label known as BSTRD BOOTS. The record will be a split 7″ with Sneaky Fox.

The 45 will be out very soon and can be ordered through Piccadilly Records. This may not be available in the states anytime soon so if you want one, buy in triplicate.

DJ B.Cause is also a fellow Strutter who does not hate the Sayer. His mixes can be found all over the place, check out his Diamonds In The Dust blog and go from there.

REVIEWS: Chris Macro presents Macro Dubplates Vol. 1 & 2

free image hosting The world may not be aware of who Chris Macro is, but if you’re from New Zealand and Australia, you’ll know him as someone who has worked with Katchafire among others. However, Macro is somewhat of a wiz in terms of creating electronic-based music, be it reggae, drum & bass, and hip-hop. If there’s a way to tap into the consciousness of American hip-hop fans, you’d do it right? The impact of the Wu-Tang Clan is worldwide, one sight of the sacred W and people will drop verses left and right. The Wu-Tang Clan have flirted with ska and reggae over the years, especially Method Man, who found himself dropping a verse for Supercat and years later doing a track for Capleton. In the days of the U-WU Newsletter I had suggested that Method Man do a full-length reggae album, or at least to do an album featuring various reggae and dancehall artists. It never happened, but Chris Macro shows what it would sound like with Macro Dubplates Vol. 1, an album that unites the classic dubs of King Tubby and unites them as nature intended with Wu-Tang and Wu-related acapellas. You’ll hear tropical versions of “Brooklyn Zoo”, “C.R.E.A.M.”, and “Pinky Ring”, but the one that works the best is “Criminology”, proving that Ghostface Killah sounds good on almost everything.

free image hosting If the Wu aren’t to your liking, maybe you want to hear Hova over the sounds of Jamaica. Macro Dubplates Vol. 2 puts together for the first time the rhymes of Shawn Carter with Robert Nesta Marley, soi if you ever wanted to hear what “99 Problems” would sound like over “Small Axe“, or “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” over “Put It On“, now you can. When Jay-Z allowed fans to create unique mixes from his acapellas, I don’t think he knew how much fans, producers, and DJ’s would give life to the process.

(Macro Dubplates Vols. 1 & 2 are available as free downloads from

SOME STUFFS: Ben Liebrand releases new 4CD box set in his “Grand 12 Inches” series

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If you’re a fan of disco, club, and DJ remixes, then you should be very familiar with the name Ben Liebrand. In recent years he has released a number of great compilations gathering mixes, edits, and re-edits of songs that are still in demand at the clubs, and now he has unleashed a new one.

Grand 12 Inches 6 is a 4CD box featuring various extended versions and mixes that have been out of print and/or are incredibly hard to find, even in the MP3 era. These songs were either mastered from the original master tapes, or if those were not available, directly from the original vinyl (often resulting in incredible sound quality and dynamics.) The 6th installment features the following tracks:

CD 1 (Great Stuff)
1 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Annihilation) 9:10
2 Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:53
3 Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) Extended Version) 6:13
4 Wings – Goodnight Tonight (12” Version) 7:18
5 Propaganda – P Machinery (Polish) 9:22
6 Sparks – Beat the Clock (Extended Version) 6:56
7 Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (Long Version) 7:28
8 Flash & the Pan – Midnight Man (Extended Version) 6:59
9 Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Live Version) 5:42
10 Art of Noise – Beat Box (Diversion One) 8:33

CD 2 (Great and funky stuff)
1 Earth, Wind & Fire – Serpentine Fire (12” Promo Version) 5:01
2 the Jacksons – Blame It On the Boogie (12” Version) 6:57
3 the Three Degrees – Dirty Ol’ Man (12” Version) 8:19
4 the Players Association – Turn the Music Up! (12” Version) 6:52
5 Deniece Williams – I’ve Got the Next Dance (Special Disco Version) 6:23
6 the Whispers – It’s a Love Thing (12” Version) 5:10
7 Poussez! – Come On And Do It (Original 12” Version) 9:53
8 Kano – I’m Ready (12” Version) 7:16
9 Philadelphia International Allstars – Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto (12” Version) 8:40
10 Harlow – Take Off (12” Version) 10:17

CD 3 (Funky and Soulfull stuff)
1 Shalamar – My Girl Loves Me (Original 12” Remix) 6:52
2 Peter Brown – Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me (Full Length Version) 8:46
3 Alisha – Baby Talk (Special Remix By Shep Pettibone) 6:46
4 Vaughn Mason & Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Part 1) 7:33
5 Loleatta Holloway – Crash Goes Love (12” Blaster Mix) 7:26
6 Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix) 5:12
7 Cuba Gooding – Happiness Is Just Around the Bend (12” Version) 7:02
8 Nairobi Ft the Awesome Foursome – Funky Soul Makossa (Rap Version) 7:31
9 Poussez! – Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Original 12” Version) 7:53
10 Dimples D – Sucker DJ’s (I Will Survive) (Original 1983 12” Version) 5:02
11 Dimples D – Sucker DJ’s (Suckapella) (Orginal 1983 Acappella) 3:44

CD 4 (The Stuff that dreams are made of Stuff)
1 Dan Hartman – We Are the Young (Club Version) 6:54
2 Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life (Club Version) 8:22
3 Flash & the Pan – Waiting For a Train (Extended Version) 7:18
4 Miquel Brown – Close To Perfection (12” Version) 8:18
5 Georgio – Bed Rock (Clubmix) 6:11
6 Dolly Dots – Ps (12” Version) 6:53
7 Vin Zee – Funky Bebop (12” Version) 6:52
8 Rebbie Jackson – Centipede (Extended Version) 5:55
9. Art of Noise – Close To the Edit (12” Edited Mix) 5:42
10 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Rage Hard (Young Person’s Guide To the 12” Mix) 10:05

You can find out about each individual track, and of course order them and other CD”s from Liebrand’s catalog, by heading to

718-498-1043: The Paul’s Boutique 10th Anniversary Tribute Album (Free MP3 download)

The 20th anniversary of the Beastie BoysPaul’s Boutique is this July (the 25th to be exact). Ten years ago, I put together this tribute album originally as a Crut-only project, but I brought on some of my friends to help out on a few of the songs. I still get requests for this, so here it is. Please post a link to this entry so people can not only download the full album, but check out my website. I’m still looking for the makeshift cover art I created, but until then, here’s 718-498-1043:

Download (90mb)

DOP – Waxin’ And Milkin’
Crut – Paul’s Intro
Jesse Dangerously – To All The Girls
Crut – Shake Your Rump
Crut – Juan’s Mom
Crut – Eggman
Strictly Crocka – High Plains Drifter
Crut – The Sounds Of Science
Crut – 3 Minutes High And Rising
Crut – Hey Ladies
X-Amount – Navin’s Special Purpose
Crut – Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (O-Dub’s Nightmare)
XdiggetyX – Car Thief
The Jergens McFlurry Quartet – What Comes Around Goes Around
Crut – Shadrach
718-498-1043 (Closing)

J3 recently put together what he calls The Root Down’s Kitchen Sink Paul’s Boutique Mix, which you can take a listen to by clicking to his blog.

Will I be creating a 20th anniversary mix? Will my mix of “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” finally be made? Stay tuned.