BOOK’S FOODIE: Restaurant Week kicks off in Spokane, Washington (from KXLY)

If you live in Spokane, Washington or are about to make your way through, and you happen to be a foodie, you are in luck. Restaurant Week began last week and continues to Sunday, March 2nd. Technically that means it’s longer than a week, so maybe a “not precisely a week” Week is how they do it in the Inland Northwest. Nonetheless, a lot of events have been happening. For more information, click to

SOME STUFFS: Chef from “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” has his own New York restaurant.

If you watched the documentary film Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, you may be aware of chef Daisuke Nakazawa. He was one of the people in the film, and now he has his own restaurant. It will be easy for people in North America to try it out, for the restaurant is in New York City. It’s called Sushi Nakazawa, and you can find out more about it by clicking this article from the New York Times.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Brennan’s Inc. in New Orleans Bankrupt

Money issues can lead to family disputes, and it can also happen when you’re known for running a restaurant business in a large city. This is what happened when Brennan’s in New Orleans filed for bankruptcy so if the place (or one of their places) was a personal favorite, you may not be able to go there anymore unless the dispute is settled. For now, that does not seem likely.